Saturday, March 1, 2008


Us at The Burger Joint
K so we NEVER EVER eat like this. We really don't. Josh wanted a hamburger all day long so we asked a local where we should go to get a good burger. She recommended this place in the Park Meridien Hotel, which is a really nice hotel. We were totally surprised to find The Burger Joint in this ritzy hotel. We ate like crap but it was tastey!
This is for the men in my family. This is Chuck Liddell's signature on the wall of the place we had dinner.
In front of a statue in Columbus Circle near Central Park
This is me in the Subway where we were lucky enough to see a man pee tonight. Mom and Linds, do you remember this beret?

We spent the morning in China Town on Canal Street. This is where they have all of the fake-o designer purses and jewelery. They have these little shacks set up with stuff they sell all over the place. As you walk by they all whisper to you, "Prada, Chanel, Gucci, I give you best deal. Come in back with me." They have rooms in the back of their shacks where they sell the good knock-offs. It's so funny because they are so sneaky. They actually have some pretty good stuff. I bought some headbands for the littles back in Utah. There is also a place out here called Century 21. It is like a Ross for designer clothes. It is enormous and really cool if you don't want to pay full price for your designer clothes and accessories. We got Josh some dress shirts there and saved $700 buying them from this place!


Aussie said...

Hey Court! It's Derrick. Definitely too long since we last talked. Congratulations are in order for your marriage. Sooo, CONGRATS. It sounds like you guys are doing really great out in NYC. I agree with Century 21. I cannot leave NY without cleaning house on their ties and shirts.

Let us know when you are back in UT and we'll be sure to take you guys out as a belated wedding gift.

Spiker said...

You look like "the little french boy" in that beret. Do you want some bread and cheese?? And I am just as excited about Chuck Liddell as the boys! If it were roger huerte, then we'd be talkin'! Love, Mom

Laura Smith said...

I love you girl! Thanks for always being such a sweetie! I seriously miss you so much!
What is Mari's maiden name?

Hailey Happens said...

You guys are the cutest! Looks like you are having a great time.