Monday, September 29, 2008


Pearl and Pauper is featured on Tutus and Turtles! Take a look at why they wanted to feature us.

Friday, September 26, 2008

What I've been up to

Last night I had my first house party for the Fall season with Pearl and Pauper. It went really well. I have been working my tush off to get ready for this season and I am beyond exhausted. I have several more parties in the next couple of months so the work continues. Luckily Mari will be helping me fill orders, she is a life saver. Check out my Aunt Cynthia's jewelery at the bottom of this post. Her stuff is beautiful!

Here are about a quarter of the hats

Here are the boy hats and binkis. I love them!

This is a really bad picture, I hadn't had these set up when I took this picture. These are some of my aunt's necklaces.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Don't you just love

a good thunder storm? Something about them is so enchanting. I'm enjoying a heart healthy, post Saturday morning run breakfast, and a view of the earth-cleansing rain. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What the...

So, last night I had my first mutual activity with the youth in our ward. We went up to a cabin in the Albian Basin. I went up about an hour after the rest of the group because I stopped by Kennedy's birthday party. I had to park in a little dirt lot and walk up to where the cabin and my group was. I didn't know exactly where the cabin was but I thought I'd be able to figure it out. I ended up walking too far and turning off the main road onto a smaller dirt road. I knew I was lost so I tried to call someone in my group. My phone service wasn't great so my call was getting cut up. The call was ended when I lost service. I started to walk toward the main road because I knew they were going to come look for me. I looked up and about 50 feet in front of me I saw what I thought was a huge bear. What I was seeing was this:
I about peed my pants. Once I realized it wasn't a bear I felt a little better for about a split second, then I thought, "Holy crap, that's a bull moose! It can kill me just as easily as a bear!" I was terrified. It was about 100 feet in front of the road I needed to get to. I was definitely NOT going to cross that huge sucker so I just sat there waiting for it to move. That's when I pulled out my camera. I was so stupid and didn't realize my camera was going to flash, and flash it did! The moose turned to look at me as soon as my flash went off. I was ready to run. Luckily it didn't seem to mind my presence. I still wasn't going to move an inch closer to that thing so I just waited. About 5 minutes later it crossed the street I needed to go to. About 5 minutes after that my search party located me and I met up with the rest of our group.

Here are some of the cute girls in my class. I blend right in with them.

Happy Birthday Little Munchkins!



Yesterday was our niece Kennedy, and my cousin's baby Jake's birthdays. They were born just 10 minutes apart. We love them both so dearly. I hope to have babies as cute, as smart, and as fun as these two are. We love you Jake and Kennedy!

Sunday Sunday

On Sunday we took a drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake. It was so beautiful up there! I absolutely LOVE Utah in the Fall. There is nothing better than the crisp air, the changing leaves, and the yummy Fall food, and the clothes. I just love all of it!

On Sunday I was called to be the Beehive adviser in my ward. I am over 10 darling girls. I really like the age of the girls in the Beehive class because they aren't mean teenagers yet. They still like to go to church and they listen to what you say. I think we will have a blast together.

On Sunday night one of my best friends growing up, Jessica Bleifer, came over to our house. She was in town with her fiance visiting her sister. We all played Dirty Minds, ate peach cobbler, and had the chance to catch up. It was sooo good to see her.

Seriously, how unbelievably hot is my husband?

Beautiful Silver Lake

Monday, September 15, 2008

Check it out...

Our Fall line is now available at

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Josh and I have often found ourselves saying, "If anyone could hear us right now they would think we are the craziest, weirdest people alive." Last night I think we said that exact thing about 4 or 5 times. When we go to bed I am ready for sleep. Josh isn't, he thinks bed time is play time. He loves to wrestle, tickle, play, pretty much anything but let me sleep. So last night we were being a little silly and played a word game. We had to take turns saying words that started with "sl" and a few other letter combinations that I now can not remember. After our little word game I was really ready to sleep. Josh told me he was going to sing me a lullaby. He leaned in and started to sing me the following song:

"Happy peanuts soar
over chocolate-covered mountain tops
and waterfalls of caramel.
Prancing nougat in the meadow
sings a song of satisfaction to the world."

Then we got even dorkier and Josh was trying to teach me to sing that song in harmony with him. Yes, were laying in bed trying sing a Snickers commercial song in harmony. To watch the real commercial click here. Is there anything weird that you guys do when no one else is around?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our Day Off

Labor Day was so much fun! We were planning on going to Park City for Swiss Days but when we woke up the weather was awful. It was POURING rain, hailing, windy and freezing. We decided to go to breakfast at Cafe Normandie. We met up with Dustin, Carly, Matt and Brooke.

After breakfast we all split up to do our own thing. Josh and I went to run some errands. We found a great deal on a new road bike for me. We couldn't pass it up so I am a new owner of a Marin road bike! 2009 triathlon here I come! We met back up with all of our friends later in the day to race go carts. It was really fun. Josh and all the boys LOVED it. He had a hard time driving normally on the way home. He wanted to spin out on all the corners and speed off. I had a hard time with the go carts. This sounds stupid but I couldn't reach the pedals enough to make the car actually go. They had to put 3 cushions behind me, 1 under me, and give me pedal extenders. It was a fun activity to do on a crappy weather day.

After racing everyone came back to our house for dinner. We had butternut squash soup, home made French bread, spicy pork tenderloin, and a cranberry salad.

Joe thought it would be funny to put Carly's wig on. I don't think blond is his color.

While the men watched a football game we enjoyed girl talk.

Here I am ready for bed, on my new bike. I can't wait to kick trash on it.