Friday, February 29, 2008

This week in review

Josh enjoying his veal

My buttered linguini at Lupa

Well, I haven't been posting much this week because we haven't done anything too exciting. Here is our week in review:
  • We found a Whole Foods Market! I took the subway to get there, not knowing that I got off about 30 blocks west of where I needed to be. So I walked...and walked...and walked. Finally, I arrived! I am happy to say that we finally have food in our apartment! On the way back to our place I ran into my friend Whitney from BYU! I was lost (again) and turning in circles trying to find my way when I heard someone call my name. I turned around and there she was! I was so excited to see her. She is doing hair at the same salon Mari's bother Ammon does. It is such a small world. I am so glad that I got to see her!
  • We had Pinkberry. We went two times in the past four days. We are kind of obsessed. It is sooo yummy and it leaves you feeling light and healthy. I'm glad we have found a good alternative to chocolate cake and ice cream.
  • I got a job. Actually two of them. I'm working for my dad's company EP out here 3 days a week. Thanks Dad! I will just be doing some assistant work around the office. Everyone seems really nice and relaxed. I will also be watching two adorable curly haired girls two afternoons a week.
  • Josh is still a Bad-A
  • For real, Josh is enjoying his work and is learning quite a bit. He had fresh pizza for lunch yesterday and bought pack of gum from a guy that didn't speak any English and wouldn't take a credit card. His elevator at work goes faster than the one in our apartment building and the walls in the elevator are mirrors. He sits in the steam room for five minutes after working out every day. He does this to relax as well as get the wrinkles out of his shirt. He is also growing out his chest hair. His life is miserable because we are sharing a double bed with crappy pillows. There is not enough room on this bed and last night I got an elbow right to the nose, it did not feel good and I was not very happy about it. (If you couldn't tell, I was typing exactly what he was telling me about his week.)
  • I was so happy, I found a LuLuLemon out here! I got some awesome workout clothes that I am so excited about! Thanks Mom and Dad for that one, it was with my Christmas money.
  • I located the NY Temple. It is right on Broadway next to LuLuLemon. You would never be able to pick it out. It totally blends in with the surrounding buildings.
  • I am proud to say that I can now navigate the subway system on my own! I feel very confident in my ability to get around the city using the trains.
  • We officially froze our buns off this week! It has been soooooooo cold! I am purple everytime I come home. It is terribly cold here. Not only is it cold but it is also windy and shady everywhere you go. I thought it was going to be warmer here than it is in SLC but I was very wrong. This is bad because I didn't pack well for cold weather. We both have been in pain each time we step outside, SERIOUS PAIN. I am ready for spring. One thing I am grateful for is the sun. At least here the sun is out. In SLC it is always grey outside.
  • I started running again. I ran outside along the Hudson River path a few mornings this week, then it got far too cold so I got a gym membership here at our complex. I have a goal to have the best body I have ever had this summer. So I need to start kicking my butt into shape.
  • Tonight we ate at this cute Italian place called Lupa in SoHo. The menus were in Italian and I had no clue what I ordered. I knew it was some kind of pasta, and the waitress said that is was spicy. I got it and found that I had ordered linguini with butter and pepper. That was it! I was kind of bummed. Josh got veal that was amazing. It was kind of a joke. I thought I would be getting some exotic spicy sauce with veggies or something but no, it was butter and pepper linguini. Also, it was $18. Kind of silly but what can you do?
Anyway, we had a fun but uneventful week. We are still really liking the city. It is much nicer when you start to figure out where things are. We are having a blast and are so grateful to have this opprotunity!


The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Even though I am technically friends with your parents, you HAVE done my hair and my girls WANT to be you when they grow up; so I am adding you to my blog role. I love reading all the details about your experience as a transplanted Cali girl living the life in NY. Keep it up it is awesome. Butter and pepper for $18. That was classic.

Spiker said...

Sorry josh is miserable in a double bed...but I am so glad he is enjoying the mirrors in the elevator! Actually, if I looked like Josh i would want to be surrounded by mirrors 24/7. Of course if I looked like Josh, Dad wouldn't be too happy...or would he???? Love, Mom