Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newpot 2010

Well, our vacation time for 2010 has officially come to a close. Because of my pregnancy we had to cancel our last annual summer vacation to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Next year, we'll be there along with many other places around the world that I am really excited about- baby in tow.

I spent about 2 weeks in California with my family this month, and was so happy to have Josh down for the last week, which was spent in Newport Beach. I love Newport and will live there one day. My brother Chris and his wife Mari live there, one half block from Corona Del Mar Beach. I am so jealous and love their neighborhood. Anyway, here is a recap of our trip in pictures:

We spent a many days at the beach visiting Crystal Cove, Corona Del Mar and Laguna. The boys played volleyball and the girls relaxed. It was perfection.

There were the traditional extended family BBQs which are always a joy. This year we were entertained every night by the hilarity and pure cuteness that the kids provided. We may have the cutest kids on earth in this family. Not only are they good looking but they are smart and as funny as can be.

Told you so:

We also spent many days at the pool relaxing. We were all obsessed with Dylan's bummy in his little swim/vest/suit.

Of course there were many wrestling matches. We have a few fighters in the family so any time we all get together this happens.

Another tradition we all enjoy is the night cruise around Balboa Island we do every year.

There is always a stop off at the arcade on Balboa. The boys were obsessed with this punching game that gauged how hard you can hit. Cody, Luke and Josh probably spent an hour and $1000000 on this game.

Lindsay of course screamed at, threatened, made out with, and talked to the baby all week long.

Crystal Cove was my favorite beach day. It was so beautiful. We played in the tide pools, played games, ate fresh fruit, chatted and took naps. It was quite perfect.

Everyone wanted in on feeling my belly jump.
Curtis and Linds

It was a perfect week and I can't wait to go again next year. It's weird to think I will have a 10 month old baby when we go again.

The end.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

California Baby Shower

I have to play major catch up on here. We have had a very eventful July that has left me with little time to blog.

A week and a half ago I had a baby shower in California. My mom, Lindsay, Mari and Ashley hosted it and boy did they go all out. They are quite the party planners. Everything from the food to the decor was amazing.

On the menu we had a summer berry salad,

homemade rolls and chicken salad,

fruit, dessert and a hummus platter. Everything was so tasty.

The party was held at my parents house and everything was so beautiful. Mari was incharge of decorations and she made every detail so perfect.

Lots of family and friends showed up, it was so great to see everyone. I miss my California pals.

Our child has soooo many clothes after this shower. She will definitely never go cold or naked. She will certainly be the best dressed kid in town.

Reese and Linds

Lindsay, me and mom

Me and Jamie

All the girls on my mom's side. I love them.

Some of the best friends a girl could ask for.

My mom's best friend Margie and my mom.

Beautiful Jacque is due with a little boy only 2 weeks before me.

And Lindsay having fun with the camera when she was supposed to be cleaning.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my shower. It was such a great evening, I loved every second of it.

Friday, July 2, 2010

First Board Trip

We were able to take the boat out for the first time last weekend. It was great to spend a day in the sun and Josh was so happy to be on his wakeboard again.

Tori and I were just ornaments on the boat because of our 7 + month bellies. We let the boy and girl kiss and play for a while.

We couldn't get the boat to start after someone turned it off between runs. Joe sat patiently while a good Samaritan got our battery jumped for us.

Joshy boy:

Matt wake-surfing:
Joshua's back roll:

After the day on the lake we all went back to our house for a BBQ and watched Dinocrock vs. Supergator. Yes, the whole thing. How embarrassing. You must watch the trailer below: