Tuesday, April 17, 2012


These past few months have been insane.  Great, but really busy and they've brought a lot of changes along with them.

In January, Josh graduated with an MBA from Carnagie Melon Tepper School of Businees.  I was insanely proud of him, and we are both thrilled to close the school chapter of our lives, forever.  In January, we also got pregnant- with a SON!

February and March, for me, were spent napping and trying to figure out what the heck I wanted to eat, and of course playing with my crazy Lucy.  The job hunt was on for Josh.  We were grateful for the time he had at Goldman, but were ready to move on after graduation.  At the end of March came an offer, and an acceptance of that offer, and at the end of this month we are off to San Fransisco!  

The past three weeks have been spent packing, trying to find someone to rent our house, in CA  with my family, and looking for a place to live.  Lucy has been a real trooper through all the chaos and schedule changes.  She LOVES her Grandma Linda and Aunt Lindsay and was in heaven with the constant attention she got from them on our trip.  I will do a long and very overdue post on that little obsession of mine in a bit.  She is so fun right now, I need to take real time to write about her and how this is seriously the best age ever.

Some eye candy:

 Lucy's Valentine's Day announcement.

Our baby boy: