Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dustin and Carly's Wedding #2

Remember Josh's BF Dustin's wedding from last year? Well, he and Carly were finally able to have their long awaited reception last night. They were married a year ago but she had cancer and they weren't able to have their big celebration on their wedding day. The entire event was beautiful! It was held on the top floor of the SLC Library. We had an amazing view of the entire city and the weather was perfect. The food was fantastic, all our friends were there, we danced and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Carly and Dustin looked beautiful. I would say it was a successful night.

Seeing all the boys looking so handsome in their tuxes reminded me of our wedding. The bridal party was made up with the same men.

It's funny how sometimes I think we are all getting old and have so many grown up things going on in our lives, then we get these seven together and I realize that they will always behave like little boys. I think it's awesome that Josh's group of friends is still so close after all these years. They really do love each other. We discovered last night, once again, that Joe and Josh are each other's biggest fans. They think they are the funniest people ever born.

For some reason the theme of the night for the groomsmen was thumbs down. I didn't ever catch on to why...

The couple we were celebrating.

Two of our BFFs Brooke and Matt


The Royall's and Stacey (LOVE them!)

Stacey, me and Bec

I was thrilled that they had dancing at their wedding! I LOVE to dance and I feel like I rarely get the opportunity to do it. Let me tell you, our friends can move! We know some people who can shake it like you couldn't believe. I love how dancing brings people together. For instance, Joe and Tori would probably have never gotten together if she didn't wear that famous yellow skirt and shake her tail feather like she did at our wedding. She stole Joe's heart right then and there. She will never live down the dancing abilities she displayed at our wedding. They made her instantly popular with all the bachelors that attended our reception and she still hears about it every time we all get together. Joe was just the lucky one that ended up with her.

This might sound kind of corny but during one of the slow dances I saw all of our married and dating friends with their partners. I think that all of our friends have made exceptional choices when it has come to picking a spouse. I couldn't imagine anyone better for our friends to be with than the ones they chose. I am so happy we have wise and thoughtful friends, who I know we will be close with throughout our lives.

The theme of the night for me was bad camera skills.
Tori and Dusty had a little dance off that was AWESOME! Dustin is by far the best male dancer I know. He is seriously good. And as I have already stated, Tori can shake it too. I caught the tail end of their battle on tape and you can watch it at the bottom of this post. Oh how I wish I could have captured it all.

The fabulous night ended with us sending our friends off with sparklers on a cute pink scooter. It was the most fun night we have had in a really long time. Thank you Dustin and Carly for such an entertaining evening. We had an absolute blast!

Oh and Josh wins for my favorite quote of the night. We were dancing and he said, "I could totally be on So You Think You Can Dance." I think he got a little offended when I laughed.

Seventh Inning Stretch

Friday night we went to a Salt Lake Bees game with some of our awesome friends. Thanks to 'Father', (Brett's dad) we got free tickets right behind home plate. For some reason we didn't sit in our seats, but instead sprawled out on blankets behind the outfield and stayed there the entire game. We actually didn't watch a single second of the game and weren't even sure which team was which until the very end. We had fun laughing, playing games of Boggle and catching up with each other. I love our friends.

Josh refused to take a picture with me. What a punk!


Josh, Brett, and Tori

Cute Heather and Brett

After the game there was a firework show so we all moved down to the field to enjoy the view. We were all quite impressed with the show because it was a pretty small venue, but the fireworks were pretty rad.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yard work galore

Up until about two weeks ago most of our attention was spent on the interior of our home. We still have plenty of work to do before the inside is complete but we decided that the exterior was in desperate need of some care. We have spent countless hours pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, planning, and preparing for planting our yard. We painted our once-red door a rockin retro green. It looks pretty killer. We also made a rock and moss path to our hose, planted some pots and reshaped and sloped our flower bed. Here are some pictures of our journey:

Josh got his first lawn mower and is so excited about it. He takes amazing care of it and mows our lawn once or twice a week.

This is what the 'flower bed' in front of our house looked like. It was full of weeds, lacked color, and to us looked like no planning or care went into it at all.

Our lawn was COVERED in these pesty buggers. I hate pulling weeds but it needed to be done. We now have a fairly patchy lawn but in time it will fill in and look much better than it did with all the dandelions and weeds.

This beast, which was almost as tall as our house, was overwhelming to look at. It was ugly and also disrupted the view out our big, beautiful window.

It is no longer:

Saturday the preparations were complete and the planting began. Josh had to move 7 boulders that weighed between 400 and 600 pounds each from our flower bed. He tore out the remainder of our plants and sloped the soil in preparation for fresh flowers.

We replaced that big fat pine tree with these smaller bushes that will fill in beautifully one day.

We have a few blooming peony bushes that I am completely obsessed with, therefor you get an overload of our peonies.

We also have whatever these are,

three hydrangea bushes,

and many roses all in bloom.

We have a gigantic maple tree in our front yard which I LOVE! It provides shade and charm, both of which are good.
We love to lean up against our tree and admire our home.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sold and Sold

Thank you Leslie and guy we didn't know. I hope you enjoy your new furniture!

For Sale!

Someone please take these off our hands! We are selling a coffee table and a chair/ottoman set. If you, or anyone you know are interested in these beauts, let us know. Leave a comment with your email address if you want more info, or if you want to come see either of these with your own gorgeous eyes.

Black coffee table: $75
It is sturdy, in great condition, and is good looking. I am just not doing any black in our house this time around. I really want a round coffee table to put in front of our new love seat, but I need someone to buy this from me first. It is 24 inches wide, 38 inches long, and 21.5 inches high. Don't mind the dirty lens on my camera. Yikes.

Brown micro-fiber chair with paisley ottoman: $350
This chair is AWESOME! We bought it a few days before we moved to NYC last year. Josh sat on it once, I tried it out for about five minutes, we packed and left. When we returned from the Big Apple, we bought a new humongo sectional that went in the same room as this beloved chair. The chair no longer fit in the room and lived in storage for the next year. We thought we'd be able to use it in our new house (which by the way you must see. It is looking fabulous!) but no such luck. Moral of he story, don't buy a $700 chair unless you know for a fact it will work in the space you want it to go. It is big, comfy, and brand new. We even have a great slip covered ottoman for you to take home with it. It was made just for this chair, I picked out the fabric and love the print. It is 38 inches wide at the base, 45 inches wide from arm to arm, 41 inches tall and 38 inches deep.