Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cheer

Josh and I came to California for Christmas and are so happy to be here! We love being with my family, especially for the holidays. We decided to have our Christmas before we left for my parents. Josh was so cute and surprised me with some awesome gifts!

He got me two of my favorite movies of all time, "Three Men and a Baby" and "Sleeping Beauty." I am so excited to own these now!!!

Joshy Pants got a Wii Fit

This was my big surprise, Josh got me a new digital SLR camera and photography lessons. I can't wait to learn how to use my new camera and finally take some good quality pictures!

We also went to Temple Square to see the lights with our friends before we left.
The boys enjoyed a romantic moment together.

The first night we were in CA was Christmas Eve. We went right over to my Aunt's house for dinner with the whole family.

We played a gift exchange game which was really fun. Everyone got really creative with the gifts they brought. Our family brought everything from ice skating lessons, DVDs and breakfast baskets, to gift cards and headbands.

My sweet Aunt Cynthia made us all the greatest gifts. She put a book together for each of us with thoughts, memories, and photos of our cousin Trevor. Trevor passed away two years ago this coming January, of a very rare cancer. He was fifteen years old.

I LOVE this lady. This is my Grandma Rita. Isn't she cute?

After the party we went back to my parents house and watched "Christmas Vacation."

Christmas day was so fun! We started out opening stocking and presents.

The boys got remote helicopters,

twelve string guitars and amps,

an airport express,

and computers.

Joshy boy got me an Iphone, which I am so excited about! I have been using the same crappy phone for the past several years so I am thrilled.

Christmas night my Grandma Judy and her boyfriend Bob came over for din din. After dinner we made all sorts of cookies.

Bob, me, Josh, Grandma, Linds, Mari, Luke, and Chris.

The boys and their creations.

The final products:

We had the best Christmas. It has been amazing to spend several days with my family. Josh and I miss them so much throughout the year. They are much fun and we adore each of them. We are so grateful for this time of year and the chance we get to reflect on the birth and life of our Savior. We are grateful for his example and the sacrifice he made on our behalf. We hope you all had an enjoyable time with you families and loved ones on this very special day.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Two days ago was my dad's birthday. My dad is AWESOME! He is the most generous man alive. He is always serving and giving to those in need. I can remember several occasions growing up when he took us to feed the homeless, visit the sick, and talk with the lonely. He has been a great example and has taught us well. He loves his family more than anything and would do absolutely anything for any of us. He is awesome to travel with, my dad loves adventures and experiencing new things. My dad is a 12 year old at heart and loves to joke around. He can make any boring situation into a fun and unforgettable one in point two seconds. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. We love him and appreciate all that he does for us. Happy birthday Daddy, we love you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Weekend

Saturday night Matt and Brooke hosted a tacky sweater party. Our friends went all out and did NOT disappoint. We had jingle bell tops, glitter sweaters, polygamist dresses, and men in women's clothing. We played White Elephant which was a blast!

I wore a child's one piece red fleece nightie and Josh wore a tight black glitter turtleneck sweater.

Here are the results of our White Elephant game:

Matt ended up with a VHS "Mighty Ducks," Josh was pretty envious.

I got a gift certificate to a Best Western restaurant (or something like that).

Lee and Katie ended up with condoms and a bottle of Super Macho. You should Google Super Macho and read the ingredients. The pills smell exactly like what you think they would.

Brooke got an EFY book from like 1982. The title was, "Feeling Great, Doing Right, Hanging Tough."

Ricky got a 2008 "Studs in Spurs" calendar.

Christian got some silly string, Carly scored and got a Burt's Bees kit, and Andria got a Scarface poster.

Dusty was lucky too, getting a Burt's Bees men's grooming kit. Josh was THRILLED to end up with, "Facts about Chuck Norris." Josh loves Chuck Norris sayings and jokes. He has something set up on his home page that gives him one Chuck Norris joke a day, he just loves it. He now has a new read for the "man bathroom" in our house. Seth got a wooden "Brrrr" sign.
Just in case you were wondering here are some facts about Chuck Norris:
  • There is no chin beneath Chuck Norris's beard, there is only another fist.
  • Chuck Norris once visited the Virgin Islands. Afterward, they were renamed The Islands.
  • Chuck Norris makes Onions cry.
  • Chuck Norris clogs the toilet with his pee.

Last night we delivered Christmas presents to the Jacobs. I made the little girls tutus, and baby Seth got baby Vans that are so stinking cute I could die.

The Littles were already playing dress up when we got there. After they opened their presents they doubled up the dress up and were the puffiest girls we have ever seen!

Check out Kennedy's smile (or lack there of) in both of these pictures. She is so funny, it makes my heart happy.

They love their baby Seth and so do we!

The girls also love their Monkey Josh.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Welcome to the world

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life. I was able to experience something for the first time and I will never forget it. Our nephew was born at 2:27 pm weighing in at 7 lbs 8 oz and is 19 inches long. He is so perfect and I already love him to pieces. Being there when he took his first breath was absolutely incredible and I feel so blessed to have been able to witness his birth. Thank you Rachel and Spencer for giving me this opportunity. I love you both and your new baby boy!

He is healthy, beautiful, and perfect.

The proud daddy.

The happy sisters, mommy, and grammy.

Seriously Rach, thank you for letting me be part of your birthing experience. I feel so much more comfortable going through labor myself after watching you handle it all so well. You made everything look so easy. You are superwoman!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere

Last night we were able to go to my aunt and uncle's house to visit my cousins and play with their babies. I was in Heaven! I love cute little babes more than anything and these 5 are particularly cute. I loved seeing my cousins. They were my best friends growing up and we are all still very close. Thanks R-Spiker family for having us over for dinner! We love you!

This is a really bad angle, it makes my sweet husband look ginormous. With us we have my boyfriend Jake.
Jake and Dylan gave me my favorite Christmas present. Rach and DJ had a calendar with pictures of the boys made for us. I LOVE it! It really was the perfect gift!

Seriously, how freakin' cute is this kid. Oh, I just love him! Last night he came running up to me, gave me a huge tight hug, and told me he loved me all on his own.

This is cute and cuddly Scott. He is the most mellow and easy going baby. I tried to get his sister Kayden to take a picture with us but she wouldn't have it.

Animated Claire and my other boyfriend Dylan. Dyllie would crawl up to me and reach his arms up so I would hold him...he melts my heart!

Last night we celebrated Claire's first birthday. She is the easiest, happiest baby ever. I love her. And how cute is that tutu Aunt Rachel made her with those chubby legs coming out of it? Happy birthday Claire Bear, you make us all so happy!

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today is my baby brother Luke's 16th birthday. I can hardly believe the baby of our family is old enough to date and drive!!! He is starting to make me feel old. Luke wasn't a planned pregnancy, but we are overjoyed he is the result of my parents being irresponsible. Our family would not be complete without him. Here are some great qualities Luke possesses:
  • He has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen
  • He is very good at Tae Kwon Do and MMA, he is one tough sucker
  • He is very sweet with people who have special needs
  • He waited for his 16th birthday to kiss a girl
  • He is always a gentleman, and makes sure my car door is opened for me
  • He can burp louder and longer than anyone, even Ashley
  • He is very bright and gets good grades
  • He is a very responsible little boy and makes good choices
  • He makes our family complete
  • He loves to talk trash and wrestle with Josh so I don't have to
I hope you had a happy birthday Lukey, we love you!
My cute Luke

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Festivities

Well it is certainly looking a lot like Christmas here in Utah. When we woke up this morning to go to the gym there wasn't any snow on the ground. When we got home from the gym, this is what our yard looked like:

Last Sunday we made gingerbread houses with Josh's family. I have only made one gingerbread house like this before and it was when I was like 5. It was fun to spend time with the family and be creative together. Josh made sure our house was indestructible.

Look at all these women! We are so thrilled to be having a nephew any day!!!! We need some testosterone around here!

The finished Project:

We also got our tree this week! I LOVE getting our Christmas tree every year.

My darling friend Tiffany came over to help me decorate it. I love Tiff. We have known each other since we were three. She is one of two people I know who is the same size I am.

This year I wanted to make my tree a little more exciting to look at than it has been the past couple of years. I decided to glitter some of my ornaments. To glitter your ornaments all you have to do is:
  • use a foam brush to apply Elmers glue to half of your ornament (you can also use a spray adhesive)
  • while glue is still wet sprinkle a fine powder glitter on the wet side (I love Martha Stweart glitter. You can get it at Michael's.)
  • let that side dry, it only takes a few minutes, and apply glue and glitter to the other side of your ornament.

Don't you just love the gentle glow of Christmas tree lights? I think they are so enchanting.