Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hurray for Boston

We had a blast in Boston. We did so much in just two days. We drove up on Friday and left on Sunday. The first night we were there we met up with one of Josh's childhood friends. We went to dinner with him and his new fiance. We also went to the Harvard campus. It is a beautiful campus. The buildings have so much character. We loved the city so much Harvard might be considered for grad school. On Saturday morning we went to Quincy Market where we had breakfast and shopped. It was a cute little market place that had food and clothing vendors, and a farmer's market. After the market we did some sight seeing. We stopped by a cemetary that dated back to the early 1700's. A lady that came to the America's on the Mayflower was burried here. How crazy is that, the Mayflower?! We also were lucky enough to see the oldest public building in Boston. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was read to the people of Boston from the balcony of this building, just a couple of weeks after it was signed. We also saw the North Church from which two lanterns were lit to warn that the British soldiers were coming. We got to see so many historical sights. We were in awe the whole time we were there. We went to dinner at the Barking Crab which was amazing. We had the best fresh seafood ever! I love Boston. It is like a cleaner, quieter, more spacious New York. Thank you Josh for such a great birthday gift!

At the Barking Crab for din din

On a dock right by the restaurant

The North Church

With the statue of Paul Revere

Where the Declaration of Independece was read to the Bostonians in 1776.

At the grave sight where people from the Mayflower were burried.

On Harvard Campus


Rachel said...

Wow, you guys! Looks unforgettable! Which friend of Josh's did you hook up with? Court, you are looking a little too skinny, there, lady. Don't chintz on the chocolate. Keep it comin'...

Laura Smith said...

Boston is awesome, huh? My sister lives there, actually not too far from Harvard in Acton/Boxborough. My family went out to visit and we took that little duck tour through Boston. It was really cool. It looks like you guys had a really good time!

Spiker said...

That looks like an amazing trip! Grad school...wait a minute! Josh was considering a Cali school! It's our turn! But actually if you have a chance to live in Boston I say go for it! We would just have to visit you there! And you only have so much time before kids and life get in the way! Love, Mom