Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chrissy-poo

Happy Birthday to my brother Chris. He is 26 years old today! Holy moly, that is almost 30, he is getting old. We love you Chris and hope you have another great year.

Chris and Mari at our wedding, I love how much he loves her.

Chris and the little boys in Hawaii.


Spiker said...

Happy Birthday to Chris! I love that picture. He is so sweet to her. That picture of the boys in hawaii was a long time ago. Time marches on... Love, Mom

Spikers said...

Thanks, but no me llamo chrissy poo.

Joe&Tori said...

Nothing to do with Chris's birthday, but when are you guys coming back? hopefully real soon... and another thought how do you find such cute layouts?

JP said...

It's good to see pictures of Chris! Crazy. He's not old though...I'll be 25 in July and that's still young, right? Hey, love your blog, funny running into you like that. Tal & I used to work in the SLC office, then Zurich until I had the babe. Which team is your hubby on? You can email me jessicalangprice@gmail.com