Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Four months already?

Our sweet Lucy is 4 months old, already! Where has the time gone? We love and adore every itty bitty piece of her. She is the sweetest, happiest baby ever and we are so thankful she is ours. We are one proud little family.

Our greatest joy:
I love the following pictures, not because they are great pictures by any stretch of the imagination, but they are so very Lucy. She is so animated and always raises her eyebrows when we are talking to her, or when she is talking to us. She is so dang cute, I can't stand it.

On her 4 month mark, she rolled over for the first time. Josh and I both missed it which we were sad about, but she did it! This is her right after, when I found her on her tummy.

The prettiest little face I've ever seen.

She really is the sweetest little thing ever.

She did it again the next morning.

We took her to her 4 month check up yesterday and she is still long and lean with a bitty head. She is getting chubbier by the day. Her rolls must be filled with air. Her head is tiny, but it looks enormous in photos.

Height: 24 3/4 inches (68%)
Weight: 11 lbs 15 oz (14%)
Head: 15 2/5 inches (5%)

Here are some things Lucy is doing and that we love about her at this age:
  • She rolls over from back to tummy over her right side.
  • She sleeps on her side with her back arched. It looks so uncomfortable but she loves it.
  • She giggles and it is music to our ears.
  • She LOVES the ABC's and has a smile from ear to ear when we sing it to her.
  • Lucy watches and listens intently when we count to her and show her numbers with our hands.
  • She loves to sit with us and read books and do flash cards. We think she will be a smarty.
  • She loves her doorway bouncer.
  • She is very strong and stands on our laps and will hold herself up against the ottoman.
  • She is great at sitting in her Bumbo and has great core and neck strength.
  • Lucy still is a great nurser and loves to eat. She does what we call the 'shark attack' and she chows down at meal time.
  • She still takes one 3 hour nap and three 2 hour naps, daily. She always wakes up so happy and seems so excited about life.
  • She was sleeping 10 hours a night until about 2 weeks ago. She went through a growth spurt and started to wake up to eat. She's getting back to her regular night schedule and is sleeping about 8 hours before waking up, then she wakes up and falls back to sleep for another 2 hours.
  • She loves getting her diaper changed. One of her happy places is on her changing table. She also loves taking a bath. We have to give her daily baths because her double chin fat catches everything and anything it can, and by the end of the day her hair is a nappy mess.
  • Lucy love love loves her bink but will also suck on anything in sight. She will put her whole fist in her mouth and gag herself. She also sucks on her index finger, which is what her daddy did when he was a baby.
  • Lucy always has her hands together, fingers clasped, and holds them up by her cheek. It's the cutest, sweetest thing on earth. She also crosses her ankles all the time. She's such a lady.
  • She is so fat and squishy, we love it! She's very soft and comfortable to hold.
  • She loves attention and will do anything for it. She has started to squeal in excitement. It's pretty funny.
  • She never cries, and when she starts to whine, she stops almost instantly with very little effort on our part.
  • She smiles all day long. Even when she gets whiny, she can't help but smile through it. It's pretty adorable. She reminds me of my brother, Patrick, in that way.
  • Lu loves to be held and to cuddle. She gets very relaxed and melts into you, which of course we love. She still loves to be swaddled. It calms her down immediately, and almost puts her to sleep. I don't know what we are going to do when she outgrows her swaddles, because I don't see her not wanting to be wrapped tightly anytime soon.
Well, if you can't tell, we are thoroughly enjoying being parents. It is by far the best thing we have ever been a part of in our lives. Lucy has only strengthened our family and brought peace to our home. She is so pure, beautiful, and happy. She is what we want to be. We love her more than we could have possibly imagined before she was with us. We always want to protect her, provide her with every opportunity we can, ensure a happy life for her, teach her everything we can, raise her to be a good, happy and confident person, and a leader among her peers. We couldn't adore anything more and we are so very pleased with her. She only makes us happy and we couldn't ask for more.

We love you little June Bug!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lucy's Mobile Uploads, Part 2

Thanks to the trusty iPhone, I have pictures of Miss Lu from pretty much every day since she was born. Here is our mobile upload catch up for pretty much the past two months.

Lucy at two months old:

Her tiny head still doesn't fit into most of her hats, maybe next year.

Cute kicks Aunt Mari gave her:

We had some fun with the Elf Your Face app.

In my favorite jammies. My heart is breaking, I think she only has one more wear out of these before they are far too small.

Girlfriend has some pretty amazing bed head:

3 months old:

On Christmas morning

Napping with my babe.

Our very own Houdini escaped her jammies. When I unswaddled her this is what I found:

Practicing sitting in the Bumbo. She improved a ton in just a few days.

Much better, only 2 days later:

Partying down with Finn and Eloise on NYE:

Cuddling with Daddy before he left for Pittsburgh:

Lucy and I went to CA to be with my family while Josh was in PA. We just played and relaxed all week. It was lovely.

Lucy is crazy strong and balanced herself for 3 minutes, without a single wobble, the first time I let her do this. She loves to stand and can even pull herself up to a seated position when she's laying on us. She takes after her daddy.

Shopping with Grandma:

My dad's famous baby balancing trick:

She's the cutest baby in the world- bed head, spit up and all.

She fell asleep in the car and her hat fell over her face, it was pretty funny.

Hanging out in her personal mini-recliner at the cabin.

Big girl standing again.

Lately, she has been hating tummy time. This particular time she didn't even try to hold her head up. She just collapsed and had a little pitty party for 5 minutes.

Lucy June, we love you more than we can possibly express. You have brought more joy into our home than we could have ever hoped for or imagined possible. You are our sunshine.
We love you so completely.