Monday, March 17, 2008

Our exciting, TROPICAL, friend and food filled weekend!

YAY FOR DUSTY! One of Josh's best friends, Dustin, is now in NYC. He is working for Goldman as well and is here temorarily for training. We were so excited to see him! We haven't done anything social since we have been here so it was a welcome change. We went out to dinner and had the most amazing view from our table.

We found Max Brennar's~it's a chocolate restaurant that is amazing. We had the world's BEST hot chocolate. It kicks Cocoa Cafe's butt. It tasted like the best chocolate you have ever had in your life mixed with cream and butter. We also enjoyed a chocolate peanut butter pizza. We felt like crap after we ate these tasty treats but they were definitely delicious.

We woke up to another gloomy day in the city. We decided that we were sick of the cold weather and clouds so we had a "tropical day." We had a tropical breakfast that consisted of egg quesadillas, fresh salsa, black beans, avocado and kiwi. We enjoyed our breakfast wearing our bathingsuits and listening to the Beach Boys. We wanted tropical day to last all day so we wore sandals (with our down coats).

Every year Macy's has a flower show. We went to see it and it was beautiful. The air inside the store was so fresh and the flower displays were gorgeous. This Macy's is the biggest department store in the world...pretty impressive!

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge to eat at Grimaldi's Pizza. It was the best pizza we have ever had. It was well worth the walk and the wait.

If you can't read this it is Alexander Hamilton's grave. It is about five minutes from where we live at a beautiful church from the 1700's.


Spikers said...

I am laughing SO HARD!! The tropical day is the best thing ever! My favorite is Josh even went to the extent of wearing sunglasses... priceless.. You two are now my heroes! It seems like you are really taking advantage of your time in NYC & Im so happy for you! Next time I go out, im taking you guys, cuz now you are the experts! Love ~Mari

Laura Smith said...

Ok, first of all, let's start off with the Chocolate Restaurant. I've never even heard of such an amazing thing, and I'm currently looking at flights to come visit you just for that place. Wow! That's amazing. Second, could you guys be any funnier with your tropical day? I love that Josh even put his sunglasses on, all you need is a flower in your hair! Third, can you send me some of that Grimaldi's pizza? That seriously looks divine.... The next time I go to NY, (which will probably be in like 40 years) I am taking you with me, whether you want to go or not, just so you can show me all the good stuff.

Courtney said...

ok i feel so inspired i absolutly love it tropical day! you guys are brillant! who comes up with this stuff are you the master mind court?! im loving it we are so going to have to incorrporate tropical day into our life here in washington... i totally get you on the gloomy thing... doesnt the rain get old! but tropical day well hey problem solved! you could even cut a yellow sun out and hang it on the window! oh now my mind is spinning, i love it!

Joe&Tori said...

I know exactly how you feel eating all that goodness and then feeling like crap it happens to me every day i just dont have an off button for treat! yeah sienna is a little chubber now which is good bc before she was losing weight so were happy she fits in her clothes now. and i agree on road trip to CA we are getting a new car so hopefully we can make it there more often now. im excited you guys are coming back soon well have to do dinner again!

Spiker said...

Wow it is absolutely amazing how much we look alike in a bikini! ~ Mom