Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Come back, please come back...

Dear Mom and Dad,

Do you remember when you came to Utah last weekend? Well, I do. I'll tell you all about it, and even post some pictures to try to get you back here sooner rather than later. You brought my baby brother with you which made my heart sing. We started our weekend off eating a fabulous dinner at Pago. You loved it and miss it so. That salad we had was to die for. When we got home we watched a TV show about gangsters and were all grateful to live where we do, in safe neighborhoods.

The next morning we headed up Emigration Canyon and had a yummy breakfast at Ruth's. We enjoyed the cool mountain air and warm biscuits. Mom, you were interested to find out that bands come to play concerts in SLC.

After our breakfast we headed out to hike Stewart Falls. The scenery was spectacular, as it was Fall in Utah. We took the ski lift up to the trail head,

and enjoyed the colors on the way up.
Then we asked those poor ladies to take our picture, which took about 20 minutes. We had camera malfunctions, uncooperative boys, and then I sneezed when they finally were able to take a picture so we had to start all over again. This is the one we finally got:
The hike took a bit longer than it should have because we stopped every five seconds to snap shots of the changing leaves, the trail, and each other.
The boys gave me a heart attack when they climbed this tree at the edge of a cliff. I thought for sure one of them was going to fall to their death right in front of helpless ol' me.

Dad, you celebrated your ability to hike. Sadly, you broke your hiking staff in half on the way down the ski lift, when our hike was complete.

Finally we made it to the water falls. They were as beautiful as I remembered.

Patrick decided to go in the waterfall and soaked himself head to toe for the hike down the mountain. We were all glad we were wiser than he was when he made this silly choice, he looked rather uncomfortable to me.
After we completed our hike we went to the BYU game. Mom slept on the grass outside the stadium while the rest of us watched the Cougs kick trash.
After the game we headed back up to Sundance for a yummy dinner. We all enjoyed the company of Patrick's friends. I still really want one of them to man up and take that cute girl from their ward on a date.

The next morning we enjoyed church together then we were off to Sunday brunch. Again, we were able to enjoy the beauty Sundance offers us.

Then the Alpine Loop took us home.

Sadly, the next morning the three of you left me. I think it's time you come back. I'm not as excited about things when you're not around, and I like being excited. I love you, and I miss you already.
See you soon (now that these photos of us together, and of the gorgeous Fall we are having have made you decide to come back this weekend and never leave me ever again).

From far, far away,

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A night with my favorite babies

Friday night we got to babysit the Snow girls. I have watched them since Brooklyn, the oldest, was just a teeny tiny baby. I can not believe how big, smart and beautiful she is. Actually I can, if you know her parents it makes perfect sense. They are all growing up so fast, it makes me want to cry. I remember the first time I held each of them.

They are all so beautiful, and have such easy and fun little personalities. I love and adore them completely. I always look forward to the time I get to spend with them. They make me want to have a million children, and make me think I could actually handle a family of all girls.

This is what the girls looked like most of the night. They were all cuddle bugs and LOVED Josh.

They thought it was pretty cool that he let them play games on his phone. Ellie loved playing with Josh. The last time they saw each other she was about a year old so he couldn't believe how big she was, even though she is still just a peanut. She instantly melted his heart with her little scratchy voice and her contagious laugh. She is so tiny and adorable.

Sadie was full of kisses and flirted with Josh the whole night. She kept an eye on him the entire evening. She ended up cuddling with him and falling asleep in his arms. It was so sweet.

Little Sadie bug is at such a fun age. She is so playful and has such a pleasant personality. She made us laugh all night long.

Thanks Dave and Tiff for letting us watch your girls. They are perfect and we love them. Now go plan a weekend trip so we can keep them longer next time!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pee Pee Boy

Meet Pee Pee Boy.

He was one of my favorite childhood toys. He belonged to Grandma Judy. She is a babe. Lindsay, Taylor and I used to spend hours up in her closet/bathroom area trying on her shoes and lipstick, going down her 'slide' (a two foot long, carpeted, slanted area against one of her closet walls...sooo not a slide) and playing with Pee Pee Boy. We were obsessed with him and thought he was the funniest guy in town.

A few years ago she came across more Pee Pee Boys and picked them up for us. I still find joy in him. Once, I sneak pee pee attacked Josh when he was coming out of the bathroom. It was pretty awesome and made my day. When Kennedy and Lauren come over they like to play with Pee Pee Boy. It is Ken's birthday today and I am dying to find her a little Pee Pee Boy of her own.

What can I say, he's a pretty cool guy.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back , back , back it up.

So, about a month ago Josh and I celebrated the 3 year mark of our legal union. We decided to party hard at Sundance to kick off the celebration.

We enjoyed a lovely feast at The Foundry Grill (one of my personal favorites). We also exchanged gifts. I wrote Josh this totally awesome poem and he surprised me with an 11 day Caribbean cruise. I think I got the better end of that deal, wouldn't you say?

We paid a visit to my favorite hallway in the world and paid homage to the great Robert Redford. I love this sweet picture of him with his little girl riding horse back. It melts my heart.

We then enjoyed a peaceful stroll and headed home to spend the evening together in marital bliss. It was quite perfect.

PS, my mom just sent me this little treasure. Luke and Reesey Pumpkin Pie.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BYU Week

Last week most of my family came up to move little Patty-whack into his BYU dorm. I can not believe that my little baby is all grown up and out of my parents house! Last night he brought a cute date over to our house to hang out for a but. I loved it. I never want him to leave. This is how our week of festivities went:

We had to get Patrick get a BYU approved haircut. He wanted to keep it long but have clean edges so he would still be within the honor code rules. It didn't work and he ended up at the BYU barber shop before he could take his picture for his ID card.

Still not short enough.

Now, it definitely is. Here we all are with our BYU ID's.

In his new little space. He was so excited to be there. He will do great this year.

Later we went to my aunt and uncles for a BBQ swim party. There were babies everywhere. I was in Heaven. This is where we ate and mingled. Not too shabby.

The men enjoyed a little racquetball.

Dylan was hilarious. He was fearless! He is 18 months old and was jumping off the edge of the pool, the diving board, anything he could. He loved being thrown in the air too. He is so fun, I love him.

Cute little Scott.

Claire was a little more cautious. She would try to jump off the edge but always ended up sitting down and scooting her bum off. It was pretty cute. She is definitely a dainty, delicate little girl.

The next evening my mom and I enjoyed a day of shopping while the boys fished at Strawberry. After, we all met up for dinner at Pago. It was delicious. Then we headed up our favorite canyon, Milcreek, and enjoyed some good ol' Spiker family fun.

Daddy Spiker would not stop making this face.

Joshua found a humongo log to burn, along with the cherry wood from our back yard.

It was a fabulous week and I didn't want my family to go home. I never want to leave them. Good news for me this time- Patrick is staying here with me. I LOVE having him up here. It makes me a teensy bit less home sick. He is one of my favorite people. He is always happy and a joy to be around. I am excited for the adventures this next year brings to us.

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Designer Consigner Event Starts Today!

Designer Consigner event today!

Come get your favorite designers at the cheapest price out there! We have everything from Marc Jacobs and G Star to J Crew and Ann Taylor. Find denim, athletic wear, business attire, accessories, coats, fur, wedding dresses and more!

The Spa Vitoria
5445 S Highland Dr
Salt Lake City
Friday, Sept. 4: 2-8pm
Saturday, Sept. 5: 10-6pm