Friday, July 31, 2009

Kitchen Teasers

My mom has been asking me to post some kitchen 'after' pictures for weeks. We still aren't 100% done with it so teaser pictures will have to do. I still need to decide on, and finish the inside of the glass cupboards and Josh needs to put some molding pieces on the top of a few of the cabinets. We are sooooo close, we can taste it. As soon as it is complete (which realistically will still be a few weeks) I'll post pictures of the before and after pictures. The difference is amazing.

Monday, July 27, 2009

White Trash BBQ

Saturday night we hosted a white trash BBQ in our white trash back yard. The back yard is the only part of the house that hasn't been touched since we moved in. That is our big project for next year. We decided that since it is looking pretty gross we'd have a WT BBQ back there before we got our hands on it. What goes on at a white trash BBQ you might ask. Well let me fill you in:

Joe and Tori started the party right by pulling their car onto our front lawn.

My mullet-y husband got the roof as safe as he could for everyone to watch fireworks in the park from.

We had a short but fun water balloon fight.

Matt showed up wearing a holster for his drinks, brought O'doul's, and had his own theme music playing from his pocket.

We had a costume contest and this is how it panned out:
Dustin never disappoints and came in full gear. Carly was his (root)beer drinking pregnant wife.

The Morrison's were sports fans. Matt was also a wife beater.

We had to get one in front of our weed garden and ugly fence.

Tori was also pregnant and Joe was MIA for this photo.

Brett with the handle bars and Heather with the red bra and wife beater.

The girls

We were the nasty hair couple. We clipped in some of my old extensions to give Josh a mullet. He wanted his shirt to have the same "business in the font, party in the back" message his hair had so he wore a cut off polo shirt.

And the BBQ begins. Apparently Jazz fans are WT because we had 4 Jazz jerseys at this party. The Lakers must be where it's at.

Notice our home made tarp slip-and-slide in the background. We ate jello, steak and burgers, macaroni and cheese, corn on the cob and had O'Doul's, Kool-aid and lemonade for dinner. A fresh peach pie was served up for dessert.

Some of the boys stopped by for a minute not so WT looking. We were happy to see them.

Brooke makes the best corn I have ever tasted in my life.

Me and Tor-Tor

Dusty and Joshua

So we had a vote for the best dressed. We ran into a little problem though. There was a tie between Tori and Carly. What were we to do? That's right, a Twinkie eating contest OFF THE HUSBANDS BARE CHESTS to break the tie. The girls had to eat 3 Twinkies off their husbands. Whomever completed this task first, won.

And the prize of a toilet plunger and pregnancy test went to Dustin and Carly.

There was a little plunger baseball being played.

We then headed to the front yard to light our own fireworks.

All the sexy boys.

At the end of the night we climbed onto our roof for a view of the fireworks that were going off in a park a few blocks from our house. We had so much fun dressing up (we always do). It was a successful night.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Newport 2009

Last week we were able to go to Newport for our annual family vacation with the entire Spiker clan. I was so thrilled to be reunited with my family. I miss them so much when I'm in Utah. When my dad picked me up we went to my favorite, El Ranchito, for guacamole and tasty Mexican treats, and we stopped by Balboa to play.

All the little boys did the harness trampoline and were flung sooooo high. It was hilarious to watch. Usually the people running these things are pretty cautious...these guys were not. They were taking people by the ankles and running backward to catapult them. It was pretty awesome. When they were getting the boys all settled in their harnesses I couldn't help but think of the Mike Meyers hyperactive/hyperglycemic SNL skit.

The next morning we were off to the Carlsbad lagoon where the boys did some of this:

This is the face that both Patrick and Josh make, it drives me absolutely nuts and but they both continue to do it. The first time Josh made this face, I wasn't sure I could marry him.
They also got their trash kicked on this monster tube. I must admit, I couldn't wait for the wipe out every time they got on. It was funny every time it happened.

We enjoyed a few breakfasts at our favorite place, Pacific Whey. I highly recommend the huevos rancheros.

When Josh arrived we spent a day at the beach eating yummy mango salsa,

and talking about UFC.
Brighton and Ryder spent the day digging for sand crabs.

The big boys buried the little ones.
They probably spent most of their time doing this though:

Cute McKenna

Some Bacci Ball was played.

And my grandma's husband spent the day like this:

I closed my eyes for a few pictures.

The boys played in the water.

We took a little trot up to the shake shack and downed some chocolate milkshakes.

I cut the boys hair this night. They all needed it.

We took a little boat around the harbor. It's a tradition and we look forward to it every year.

Captain Steve

Our last day was spent at the pool. We loved spending time with my cute Aunt Pam and Uncle Steve.

Nick-knack Patty-wack

Two of my boys,

and the beautiful resort we reside in for the week.

It was a perfect few days.