Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Big 22

I swear I haven't taken a good picture since we have been in New York. I look sloppy and gross in every single one. This is us at Acapella. Acapella is this amazing restaurant in our neighborhood. It is soooo nice, we didn't fit in. The food was amazing! This time I was smart and went with something I recognized on the menu. They have a block of cheese that was bigger than my torso that they bring around and serve to you. We had a personal waiter so we never had to wait for anything. He was there waiting for us to want or need something else. It was awesome. The restaurant was beautiful. The meal was delicious and we difinitely want to go back before we leave.

This is the restaurant manager (that's what it seemed like). He was hilarious! Everyone that worked there was very Italian, they all had strong accents. This guy was the most Italian. He had the stongest accent and everything he did and said was very Italian. Josh thinks that he is in the mob. He was huge and kind of looked like the mafia type. He didn't want to be documented because someone is after him and his cousin Vinnie.

Thanks everyone for the birthday cards! We went back to Serendipity for dessert. It was amazing...again!

Josh sent me these flowers at work. Aren't they beautiful? I love getting flowers.


The Risdons said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I was thinking yours was at the end of the month, but I must be thinking of Chris's b-day. Looks like you had fun.

Rachel said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good birthday. Josh did good with the flowers. Let's hear it for livin' the high life!

Spikers said...

2 things.

1. Our card is the best. The utter swings as the cow dances.

2. I like Frosty's from Wendy's. They are 99 cents, and taste about the same. Maybe i just dont have refined tastes, but cold chocolate is cold chocolate, no matter how much you, Mari, and Mom disagree.

ps. looks like you had a good birfday

Courtney said...

happy 22 your getting so old:)! sounds like you both had a blast how fun i love date night!

Laura Smith said...

You're 22? I thought you were still 18!! Happy Birthday little one! What day was your birthday on? I didn't know you were a March baby...
Wanna know something funny? Shaun's mom's family if full-italian and his grandpa seriously was in the Italian mafia! Haha! Crazy, huh? Now you know why Shaun is such a psycho... It explains a lot... :)