Friday, July 22, 2011

Lucy's 9 and 10 month updates

At 9 months Lucy:
  • had been army crawling for 3 weeks. She is a little speed demon! She can find me anywhere in the house and loves being able to get around on her own.
  • weighed 15 lbs (4%) and was 28.5 inches tall (80%) and still had a tiny 4% head. I'm really happy about that though because the 3-6 month hats that she couldn't fit into last winter will fit her this year. I tried them on her a couple of days ago and they are still a little big.
  • still slept like a newborn and could only go 2 hours without taking a 2-3 hour nap.
  • was the happiest baby ever. The girl seriously smiles all day long.
  • was a great little eater. She eats EVERYTHING we give her and is the healthiest eater ever! She loves avocado, mangoes, asparagus, strawberries, broccoli, couscous, quinoa, blueberries, sweet potatoes, hummus, tomatoes, etc.
  • still breast fed throughout the day.
  • was very social. She would get so so excited anytime she would see another baby or little kid.
  • got her first tooth!
  • was always on the go and never stopped moving.
  • loved to play her Uncle Luke's ukulele and drums.
  • was the light in her mama and daddy's life.

At ten months Lucy:
  • is the cutest, happiest, most energetic baby alive. She never stops moving-EVER!
  • puts everything in her mouth. Seriously, EVERYTHING!
  • prefers to play with things that aren't actual toys. Tupperware lids, lip gloss tubes, wisks, and cardboard boxes are magical to her.
  • is still a tiny peanut. She is as light as a feather! She is now very much noticeably smaller than all of her friends who are the same age. Somehow she still dominates them, out of love of course.
  • can crawl, but still prefers to army crawl. She is insanely fast too. She can climb stairs, although I've only let her go up two. I don't want her to get comfortable with that quite yet. Our house has officially been baby proofed, gate, electric covers and all.
  • loves water. She loves to swim, dip her feet in the ocean, and take baths. She thinks splashing in a puddle is the best thing ever!
  • can finally go a little longer without a nap. I'm actually kind of excited about this one. I'm starting to cut out one of her naps (the last and shortest of them all). It makes getting things done outside of the house much easier for me. She still naps for 7 hours a day.
  • loves to drink mango puree and water out of a sippy cup.
  • chows down at meal time. It's actually amazing how much the girl eats. It shocks people. She still has loved everything we have given her. She LOVES to feed herself and is really good at it. She chooses to eat her veggies before her grains, which I love.
  • still breast feeds before each meal and in between meals- usually 7 times a day. She is starting to get more distracted during nursing time, but generally still does really well with it. I will probably start weaning her sometime next month and I'm really sad at the thought. I want to try for #2 soon though, so the time is coming. We'll go until she's at least one though.
  • makes the Forest Gump heaving noise when she gets really excited. It's so weird, and really funny. Sometimes she is so strange, but I love it! She is a spaz like her mother.
  • is loved by EVERYONE! Seriously. Our family and friends can't get enough of her. Even strangers melt over her. She just draws everyone in with her smile and warm personality. She loves people, and people love her back.
  • got her second tooth.
  • is getting really good at playing on her own. Sometimes she prefers a little time by herself to crawl around and play with her toys. She will fake cough every few minutes to make sure I know she's still there, and then she gives me a huge smile when I glance her way and then she goes right back to playing.
  • loves the camera and poses for it. She knows to smile when I pull it out and she'll even kind of flirt with me when I'm taking her picture.
  • loves playing with the iPad. She likes Fruit Ninja, and Paint Sparkles. She also likes to watch short videos of animals, and look at pictures.
  • loves her flash cards, counting, singing, and doing ABC's. She still just laughs when I try to get her to do signs. She thinks it's hilarious and doesn't get that I'm trying to teach her to communicate.
  • is totally uninterested in walking. It's quite amusing to watch because she just so does not want to do it. She'll definitely be a late walker.
  • still loves her bink but doesn't rely on it quite as much as she used to. We play a new binki game with her where we bite the plastic end of it and she has to come get it from us with her mouth. She thinks it's the greatest thing ever.
  • can wave, but still no clapping.
  • makes tons of different consonant/vowel combination sounds, and jibber jabbers all day long.
  • is the busiest, craziest, most entertaining child ever. I miss her when she naps. She keeps me laughing and busy all day long, and I love every second of it.
Lucy Lu, you are the greatest joy in our lives. You make our hearts burst with happiness and you are the best thing that has ever happened to our family. We are so grateful we have been blessed enough to raise you. You are the perfect match for us and we couldn't love you more. You are completely adored by everyone who knows you. You are a dream come true and we love you more than you'll ever understand.

Mama and Daddy