Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Joys of Living in the Big City

We went on a walk this past Sunday. It was beautiful outside! We walked along the Hudson River. We are only about 3 or 4 blocks from the river so it is the perfect place to take a walk. That is also where I run. The pathway is huge and beautiful. This is the picture of the Statue of Liberty that we took on our walk. It was backlit so it isn't that great of a picture. We stopped by an artium just off of the path on the way home. I love where we live, there is always something to do. We also walked through the World Financial Building. It is huge and amazing! There are shops and restaurants on the first level. It is something to see for sure.

This is what the sidewalks look like on trash day in the city. It is unreal. You wouldn't believe how much trash there is. The streets stink until the bags are picked up. This pile of bags was taller than I am. It is kind of crazy how much we go through and how much is wasted. There is a group of people here that go through the trash and get out all of the things that are useful and they use them. These are not homeless people, there is a wide variety of people that do it...investment bankers, teachers, journalists. They don't believe in wasting so they use what other people don't. They get their food, clothes and furniture from the garbage. They only buy what is completely necessary. It's not a lifestyle I would ever choose to live but I can respect that they are trying to conserve. By the looks of it, there is plenty to choose from.

Laundry service is a blessing. It is very pricey to do laundry out here. It is actually cheaper for us to have our laundry done through a service than for us to do it ourselves. They press and fold everything for you and it looks like this when you pick it up. I love it!

Riding the subway is a joy for sure. The other day on our way to church we were sitting next to a man that kept chanting, "PSX PSX Mary Mary PSX, African burrial ground, the #4 to Brooklyn, it is written on the wall. PSX PSX Mary Mary PSX, African burrial ground, the #4 to Brooklyn, it is written on the wall. PSX PSX PSX PSX..." It has been stuck in our heads ever since. I have no idea what any of that means, I don't think the guy that was chanting it knew either but he gave us something to listen to on our way to church.

I started working at EP yesterday. You are looking at what I did all day. Yes, I had the honor of filing all day. I had already filed the bottom 4 slots that are empty in this picture. I had to alphabetize all of these papers. It was a long day of filing. I really like all of the people I work with. It is a fun environment to work in. Do you like the sarong that is on my desk? A girl at the office put it on there because she thought I would like it. I thought that was funny and cute of her so I left it.


+spencer+ said...

i wonder what the laundry service thinks of the G's.

and are you sure the guy you were sitting next to on the subway wasn't wearing little tiny earbuds that you couldn't see?

just think about it.

Jenny said...

Hey Courtney! I remember staying at your house in Vegas! You have the right couple. Can you believe we got married after Kempton's mission? Ha ha. I think you even did my hair once...at Reggie's house! (Or it was your friend I think). Small world! You and hubby are a gorgeous couple! Are you in NYC, or SLC?

Tim & Chelsea Grubbs said...

Court you are so cute!! I love reading your life story!!! You are so funny. I've never been to new york so i'm living vicariously through you!!! Of course you have your own bow/hat etc business!!! I'm sure yours put mine to shame!!! How long are you going to be out there for? Why don't YOU have any babies?

Jenny said...

We got married in December of 2006. What brings you guys to NY? Kempton and I are living in Provo while he finishes up at BYU. He graduates in August, and then who knows where we'll be after that! How did you meet your hubby? Was he your mish that you were waiting for?

Courtney said...

ok courtney do they launder you G's out too how do you do that part? i think that would stress me out just a little bit

Spiker said...

If you think the trash smells now, imagine summertime! Those people that go thru the trash are called Freegans. I saw it on Oprah. (That is where I acquire my vast knowledge on all subjects...) It was amazing what they found and how cheaply they live! Your husband could be a freegan....Mommy