Thursday, November 27, 2008


Last night my dear friend Laura and her husband Shaun came over for dinner. It was awesome to see them both! Laura was the first good friend I made when I moved to Utah. We went to PMTS together and became best "little" friends. She is hilarious and I miss seeing her everyday. She and her husband are living in CA and we haven't seen each other since the week before our wedding. I love you Laura and I miss you already!

Look at all the crap I pulled out of my purse:
In total I had:
1 t-shirt
1 wallet
1 P&P receipt book
1 check book
1 reading book, The Measure of a Man
1 pair of reading glasses
1 camera
2 spools of ribbon
nail polish, bobby pins, 5 hair clips, 3 rubber bands, 1 fancy hair tie, 2 broaches, 1 headband,
2 necklaces
22 lip glosses, lip sticks, lip liners, or chap sticks
a little bit of change and cash, a Coldstone GC
about 5 pounds of receipts and trash
9 pens
5 peanuts and 2 raisins

Holy crap, I need to hire a cleaning crew just to take care of my purses for me. I am a slob. Who randomly has a shirt in their purse? This bag weighed about 15 pounds, no wonder my shoulder hurts me.

And last but not at all least, Mari is in town! I got to pick her up from the airport on Sunday night. I was so happy to see her. We came back to my house and I weaved our hair. I love her to death. She has been the greatest addition to our family.


the organic kitchen said...

Purses! They are junk recepticals... but I LOVE them with a passion!!!! Like shoes!!! Only they carry things!

Angie said...

Holy cow! Look at all those lip glosses and lipsticks. I thought I had a lot...I've got about 5 in mine. That is too funny. You're going to die when you have to start carrying stuff for your kids too ha ha!

Laura said...

Aw! You're my favorite! I miss you too! Come visit....

Rachel said...

I'll tell you who has a shirt in their purse, a mommy! In fact, I have one right now! A pair of socks too...

Jami said...

lolol I have that many lip glosses too and they are all MAC as well! I love it! Well that is a perfect example to justify buying a fabulously expensive bag to your husband! haha "But honey I have so much stuff and I need a great bag to hold it all, my life is in here!" I have definitely used that and a similar statement for shoes too!
Love u!