Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yea Carly and Dusty!

So Romantic!
Me and Carly

Josh was one of Dustin's best men.

"The four B's" (B is for blonde) me, Brooke, Car, Tori

Dust toasting Carly, there wasn't a dry eye in the room when he was done. She is one lucky lady.

Jordan and Dustan Butcher sand "I'm Yours" at the dinner and did such an amazing job!

Stacey, Tori and me

Josh and Dusty

Carly looked GORGEOUS

The happy couple exiting the temple

Two of our best friends got married yesterday. We went straight to the wedding from the airport. They were originally going to get married in June but Carly is very sick so they moved up the date. We are so excited for them and are so proud of how gracefully they are handling their situation. Dustin is one strong man. They both looked beautiful and so happy! They are a good example of unconditional love. We are pleased to have another fun couple join the married club! Because they decided to get married much sooner than originally planned they had a small dinner with immediate family and close friends, they will have a reception once Carly is better. At the dinner Dustin toasted his bride and gave the most sincere and sweetest speech ever. He loves her so much. We are so excited for them to share their lives together. They will be very happy together.


Spiker said...

Oh I am teary! Good for them! Diffuclt way to start out but they are good people and will make it thru! ~ Mom

Joe&Tori said...

Yeah I'm glad B stands for blonde. ( even though im the oger) and i loved saturday and sunday I'm glad you guys are back so we can all do our date nights again! and I was talking to carly and date night at the hospital is a must!