Saturday, April 26, 2008

Visiting Carly

Yesterday we went to visit Carly again. It was fun, I washed her hair for her (it's hard for her to do it because of all her cords and tubes) and we just spent time with our friends like it was a normal day. She is staying at Huntsman Cancer Center for the next month. She has a beautiiful room! She has the nicest room they offer. There are only two of them so she was super lucky to get this nice of a room. She has a big sleeping/medical area and then she has a sitting room. Both have couches and tv's. Her view is incredible. She has windows from floor to ceiling. If I had to stay anywhere for a month, I'd want to be where she is. Her nurse is awesome. She is hilarious, I love when she comes in when we are there. Car is doing really well. Her chemo treatments started a few days ago and since then she has just been tired. She and Dusty got to have a sleep over last night.

Carly and Dustin

Carly, me, and Brooke

Josh and Matt


Marianna & Trevor Eckman said...

Holy cow!!! I know Carly! We were friends in high school! Wow what is going on with her? Let me know! She is the cutest girl. Let me know what happend. I haven't seen here in a while. Thanks!

Spiker said...

Say hi to them both. I think about them a lot.~ Mom