Sunday, April 20, 2008

Run Forest, Run!

My husband's family came to watch me cross the finish line. In this picture we have Rachel, me, Josh, in front of Josh is our niece Savannah, our niece Jayden and Josh's sister Rebecca.
So glad to be done!

A little confused

Not so cute

Get ready cause here I come

Yesterday I participated in the Salt Lake City Marathon. I ran the half marathon! The 13.1 mile course took us from the U of U campus down to 2700 south, through different neighborhoods and ended at the Gateway Mall. I felt better than I thought I would during the race. I have a strange problem though, I don't sweat. I didn't break a single sweat during my run, it isn't a healthy thing. My knees were awesome! I didn't have any knee pain...until I stopped running. Today I want to cry. I am so sore and my knees are killing me. I finished the race somewhere between 2 hours and eight to ten minutes. I was satisfied with my time. I usually run at a slower steadier pace and finish strong. I felt great during and after the run. Yesterday I was flirting with the idea of (maybe in the future) going for the full marathon. Today I don't think that I can even get off the couch to go to church. We'll see how I feel once I have healed. I have a relay race in June that I will be doing. It is a 178 mile race that starts in Logan, UT and finishes in Park City. I am on a team of girls from my gym and I think it will be a blast. It is a 24 hour race and it will be tough but worth it.


Spikers said...

Court I am so impressed!! I couldn't run for that long if I tried! I love that you said you have been flirting with the idea of a marathon, cuz I have been flirting with the idea of a 10miler..haha, im not as tough as you! I want to hear about your relay race! I love the pictures! I am so glad your knees didn't hurt during the run, but I am a little worried about the lack of sweating!! How weird! I love you & you're my hero! Love~Mari

Spiker said...

hey crazy! Stop running that far! Knees were not meant for that kind of punishment on pavement!!!! Now I have to google lack of sweating and you are going to make me have a nervous breakdown. Congratulations! Even tho I don't approve a half marathon is quite and accomplishment! By the way you look 12 in the photos....Love Mom

Becky said...

Courtney! Way to go! My big sister ran the SL Marathon too! I'm so glad I can keep tabs on you now! (I found you through Karlye's blog...)

Take care. I love ya!

Becky Hansen

Laura Smith said...

That's so amazing Court. I feel like such a fat a$% now! No, just kidding, you motivate me to want to run. The only problem is that I still don't. Oh well. But, great job! You know what? I don't sweat either. Weird, huh? Everytime, I go to the gym, I'm like - am I not working out hard enough or something? It must be a little person thing! Haha!
P.S. I really like your "confused" and "not so cute" pictures! You're hot!

Megan said...

wow. i am so impressed!! i always wish i could do something like that...but i dont know if i will ever be motivated enough : ) good job!!

Tim & Chelsea Grubbs said...

well, it's official, you're my hero court. I don't think I've run 13.1 miles in my entire life. Well at least not past the age of like 10 or something. You would have to pay me a pretty penny to even attempt something like that.
PS I think that because I'm freakishly tall I probably sweat enough for you and laura. Boy, that seems fair!!!