Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day

The fire station across the street from our placeThe park by our apartment

The park again

Our building from the ground up, pretty tall huh?

Our entry

A scary snowman someone built in front of our building

Today is crappy and cold and snowy! It is a lot harder to get around town when it is snowing and raining. The elastic on my hat broke on my way home from the market today so I got soaking wet. Tomorrow we are going to go see the city and start doing some fun things. We get into most NYC museums for free because Josh is a goldman employee, so I'm sure we'll be going to them all. We'll start posting mosre entertaining things tomorrow. Our neighborhood is really cute. We are in the Tribeca area and are surrounded by cafes, restaurants, shops, and we have a fire house directly accross the street (I'm sure they were very involved in 9/11 being that we are so close to ground zero). There is a cute little park a block away that is our safety spot incase of an emergency. Everything here is charming and old. All of the building have history and character. I love it!


Trevor & Marianna said...

when did this happen!? you guys are in NY? forever?

Spiker said...

Make sure you go to the Ground Zero museum. It is a must see BUT be prepared!!! Bring kleenex and get ready for a cry headache... Love, Mom

filmfamily said...

I had no idea you were going to New York! Can I send Maddy to you? She bugs me daily to go see Little Mermaid. Thanks Disney channel for giving her the glimpse. My sister-in-law's brother is going to be working for Goldman Sachs. Tell your hubby to keep an eye out for Craig Cannon. I don't think they are in New York though. Have fun. I love it there! Dionne

Spiker said...

i think that "scary snowman" is supposed to be Charie Brown. i am not sure why he has horns though... Love Mom