Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Happenings

This past Saturday I hosted a baby shower for Matt, Brooke, and sweet Baby E. Brooke is now just about 2 weeks away from her due date. We can hardly wait to meet her beautiful little angel.

At the shower we enjoyed some games, delicious food, and great company.

Brooke and Little E got some fantastic gifts. She is one lucky baby.

Can you believe Matt's sister made these?

Our babies will be exactly 4 1/2 months apart. I am so excited for them to become great little friends, and for us to experience being moms for the first time, together.

Saturday morning, we headed out to the end of our street to watch the marathoners run by. We saw many people we know, but were there mostly to cheer Rachel (Josh's sister) on. She did awesome! We live at mile 7.5, right where you are starting to get a titch uncomfortable, and she looked like she could have kept going all day. She is such a champ.

I have to admit, I was really sad I wasn't able to participate this year. It is for a good cause and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I miss this run. I have done it the past few years and that morning I wanted to be out there with the rest of the runners again. I am excited for next year though, Baby and Josh will be out at the end of our street, waiting to cheer me on as I run by. I don't think anything could be sweeter more motivating.


Brooke and Matt: said...

Such a fun shower Court, thanks for all you did! I'm excited to get rid of that puffy prego face I have in those pics!! I can't believe we are both going to be moms so soon!

Sarah and Beau said...

You are such a great hostess! Loved the shower.

Rachel said...

Wow, look I'm airborne! I was so happy to see you guys. I would love to do a half with you next year!