Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jakey and Dyllie

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take my cousin's kids for the day. Jacob and Dylan are amazing little boys, who I just love and adore in every way possible. We had so much fun together. I wish they were my babies.

These two can eat! We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, oranges, apples, cheese, crackers, Cliff bars, tortellini with onions, balsamic, and pine nuts, popsicles, carrots, milk, and water.

We started the day off at the zoo. We saw everything you see at a zoo, but the boys favorites were these monkeys (because one of them had poo hanging from his bum), the elephants, and the snakes.

They LOVED watching the mommy and baby elephant.

A zoo keeper brought in a baby goose that had just hatched and he was nice enough to show the boys. They had a really hard time not touching it.

We rode the carousel.

Also, the train.



We enjoyed the warm sunny weather and ate popsicles on the porch.

And colored with chalk. Dyllie colored on pretty much everything except the ground. He started with his hands,

moved on to Jakey's back,

and then chose his chest next.

The boys spent at least 2 hours playing with the bark in our flower beds. Everything in the yard turned into a weapon. The hose steak became a 'sword knife' (and was quickly put out of reach after they discovered it), the hose sprayer became a gun, any stick was a knife, a snow shovel was a shield, etc. We threw rocks, played with the hose, climbed everything in sight, tossed the enormous frisbee, played chase and did flips on the grass. It was a perfect day.

I had the best day taking care of Jake and Dylan. They melt my heart. Jakey is so smart it's scary. Nothing gets past him and you can have a full-on adult conversation with this 3 year old. Dylan, 2, is all boy and loves to wrestle and get messy, but is so cuddly and loves to be held and give hugs. Both boys are so special and I love them to death. I am excited for our next day together.


Julie said...

They are so sweet!! And you are going to be such an amazing mom!

The Kilger Family said...

Those boys are so funny. I love Dylan's face in pretty much every picture you have up here, but mostly the one with the fists full of bark. Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. You are going to make an amazing mom!!

Lindsay said...

i love the little mohawks,:) they're so cute!

Rachel said...

They are darling boys. Boys are awesome. Glad you had fun with them. You are the best kid sitter around!

Spiker said...

Mohawks and monkey poo... I remember when EVERYTHING was a weapon. Boys...

Tess and Dustin Eiden said...

Dang have you ever thought of going into photography? You are ever so creative! And your camera is amazing! I love your photos always!! Keep posting cute pictures for me to stay inspired thanks:D

Ms. Green Eyes said...

Adorable little boys! You're going to be such a cute mom.