Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Easter Week

The first week of April my parents came up for a week at their cabin. I always love when my family comes to town. I love them and am always sad when they leave. Since I am so far behind in posting, my words will be short and sweet and the pictures will pretty much explain our week.

The first day in my dad decided there would be no ice or snow left on his deck by the time he left (even though it was still falling from our roof and the sky that week). This included the use of axes, blow torches and several types of shovels.

We built a fire with our left over Christmas light poles, the only problem was, they were soaking wet.

So of course the blow torch was pulled out again.

We built a snowman. This was no ordinary snowman. The men insisted it be 8 feet tall, so it was. Physics and strength were the two main ingredients used to put this sucker together.

We had Matt and Brooke up for dinner, which was lovely.

Afterward, we dyed Easter eggs.

Easter Sunday was spent relaxing, watching conference, and with family.

I remember doing this when I was a kid. Isn't Claire just precious?

The kiddies waiting in Grandma and Grandpa's elevator to go downstairs for the egg hunt.

They got more candy then anyone could possibly ever eat.

Me and my sweet grandma. I love her and wish I could see her more.

The end.

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The Kilger Family said...

What is it with the men in your family and blow torches? haha