Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To both of our moms,

We love you, respect you, and hope to be as good of parents to our children as you have been to us. We are grateful to have such great childhood memories and that is because of you guys. Thank you for allowing us to have such blessed lives, and for raising us to be happy, independent adults. We love you both so much!

Mama Linda

Some things I'm glad I inherited from my mom are...
  • my light eyes
  • my passion for good food and cooking
  • my sense of humor, I tell Linda jokes and laugh at myself all the time because of it
  • my desire to be a mom and a wife
Thanks mom for handing these things down to me!

Mother Bonnie

Josh is glad he inherited these things from his mom:
  • his love for the gospel
  • the fact that he most likely will never go bald
  • his height
  • and his ability to feel compassion for people
His personal Mother's Day message is, "I just want to do something special for all the mother's in the world." (picture Jemain singing) It was really hard to get him to say some serious things this morning. He's being quite funny.


Chris and Mari Spiker said...

You guys totally have awesome moms. I agree! And I didn't even try to get chris to say anything on least josh attempted it, Chris would not participate. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mamas!

Adam & Samantha said...

Linda jokes! i remember those! i don't know josh's mom, but I bet she is awesome too. happy mother's day! cute post court.

Brooke and Matt said...

Cute moms!! I love that Josh threw in a Flight of the Conchords quote, that always makes a post extra special! Lets play soon!

Spiker said...

Ahhhh! So sweet! Thanks! And happy day to Bonnie. I am glad she is your Utah mom! I love you guys!

the organic kitchen said...

BTW seeing that picture of you and Lindsay made me miss you guys being blond.