Sunday, May 31, 2009

Seventh Inning Stretch

Friday night we went to a Salt Lake Bees game with some of our awesome friends. Thanks to 'Father', (Brett's dad) we got free tickets right behind home plate. For some reason we didn't sit in our seats, but instead sprawled out on blankets behind the outfield and stayed there the entire game. We actually didn't watch a single second of the game and weren't even sure which team was which until the very end. We had fun laughing, playing games of Boggle and catching up with each other. I love our friends.

Josh refused to take a picture with me. What a punk!


Josh, Brett, and Tori

Cute Heather and Brett

After the game there was a firework show so we all moved down to the field to enjoy the view. We were all quite impressed with the show because it was a pretty small venue, but the fireworks were pretty rad.


Angie said...

I love sitting on the grass at Bees Games and great job on all that yard work! Lookin' good!

the organic kitchen said...

Bret is still cute and so is his girlfriend!

Rachel said...

Bret has a girlfriend?!!!