Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm in love

I couldn't love this girl more than I do.  I say that every day, yet I manage to wake up the next day loving her even more.  How is this possible?  

She will be two on Saturday.  I can hardly wait for her little birthday party.  She is so excited about it, and knows there will be balloons, face paint (which she calls stickers), friends, and presents.  She talks about it several times a day, especially getting a sticker on her cheek.  I hope she has the time of her life.  We just found out Finn will be there which will make that day even more special for her.  Oh, how she loves that boy!

Over the past month or so, we've been going to local farms a couple of times a week.  This is her new favorite activity.  She gets to run around, collect and throw rocks, get dirty, see animals and be free.  It is the perfect outing for a toddler, and I am glad to oblige any time she mentions wanting to go.  It's still odd and wonderful to me that there are places like this, just outside of a huge city.  I love it!  We get the best of both worlds.  She thinks both places are fascinating.  

I love how excited she gets about everything these days.  Everything is an adventure, a learning experience, an exploration,  a wonder.  I hope that never fades- her enthusiasm for every little thing in life.  I also love that she remembers what we did at the end of the day.   When Josh gets home from work, he always asks her what she did that day.  Every time without fail, she tells him everything we did including food we ate, errands we ran, activities we did, and fun we had.  I am so impressed by her.  She is a smarty, this one.  We are working on her ABCs right now and it's pretty darn cute.  She knows A-E, G, K, attempts L, M, N, O, and then can always do Q-Z.  She catches on to things so quickly, it makes me wonder if I am teaching her enough.  I am constantly impressed by her ability to learn so quickly.  I hope she has her dad's passion for knowledge.  He studies things constantly, just because he wants to.  I love that man.  He is a really good dad.  Our kids are lucky to have him.


Adam & Samantha said...

Sooo smart! She is getting so big, and of course, beautiful!!

becca said...

You guys are such a great little family! Sometimes I see a little more Josh in Lucy than I used to, but sometimes she looks exactly like you still. It's so fun to watch her change and grow. She is such a little smartypants!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Her outfit is to die for. Love that little lu lu