Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Luke!

Today is my baby brother Luke's 16th birthday. I can hardly believe the baby of our family is old enough to date and drive!!! He is starting to make me feel old. Luke wasn't a planned pregnancy, but we are overjoyed he is the result of my parents being irresponsible. Our family would not be complete without him. Here are some great qualities Luke possesses:
  • He has the most beautiful eyes you have ever seen
  • He is very good at Tae Kwon Do and MMA, he is one tough sucker
  • He is very sweet with people who have special needs
  • He waited for his 16th birthday to kiss a girl
  • He is always a gentleman, and makes sure my car door is opened for me
  • He can burp louder and longer than anyone, even Ashley
  • He is very bright and gets good grades
  • He is a very responsible little boy and makes good choices
  • He makes our family complete
  • He loves to talk trash and wrestle with Josh so I don't have to
I hope you had a happy birthday Lukey, we love you!
My cute Luke


Anonymous said...

Oh I love that Luke! Happy birthday cute boy!

Mari Elizabeth Couture said...

Happy Birthday Luke! The coolest 16yr old out there!

the organic kitchen said...

Well let's clarify.... He still has not kissed a girl....

Sabrina said...

I find it hilarious that you guys still tease Luke for not being a planned baby. He turned out to be such a great guy, despite all the chagrin he's had from his siblings :D I think Luke should save that kiss for Jessie ehhhhh, Spiker + Crissmans after all?!