Friday, December 19, 2008

Babies Babies Everywhere

Last night we were able to go to my aunt and uncle's house to visit my cousins and play with their babies. I was in Heaven! I love cute little babes more than anything and these 5 are particularly cute. I loved seeing my cousins. They were my best friends growing up and we are all still very close. Thanks R-Spiker family for having us over for dinner! We love you!

This is a really bad angle, it makes my sweet husband look ginormous. With us we have my boyfriend Jake.
Jake and Dylan gave me my favorite Christmas present. Rach and DJ had a calendar with pictures of the boys made for us. I LOVE it! It really was the perfect gift!

Seriously, how freakin' cute is this kid. Oh, I just love him! Last night he came running up to me, gave me a huge tight hug, and told me he loved me all on his own.

This is cute and cuddly Scott. He is the most mellow and easy going baby. I tried to get his sister Kayden to take a picture with us but she wouldn't have it.

Animated Claire and my other boyfriend Dylan. Dyllie would crawl up to me and reach his arms up so I would hold him...he melts my heart!

Last night we celebrated Claire's first birthday. She is the easiest, happiest baby ever. I love her. And how cute is that tutu Aunt Rachel made her with those chubby legs coming out of it? Happy birthday Claire Bear, you make us all so happy!


Mari Elizabeth Couture said...

CUTE!!!! I love all those kids! So much fun! And your hair looks really cute!

Jessica and Jason said...

When are you going to add some babies to the bunch??? :)

the organic kitchen said...

Have a baby! Have a baby! Have a baby!

Rachel said...

We had so much fun with you the other night, you are soooo good with our kids! They just love you. I really hope that Josh takes you up on that offer!

becca said...

wow whats up with frankenjosh?!