Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm about to have a baby.

 38 weeks

 39 weeks


 I can't believe we are about to meet this baby!  I'm due tomorrow, and just keep hoping my water breaks.  It's all I can think about.  I am excited to have a newborn again.  I can't wait to see what he looks like and get to know him.  Being a mom really is the best thing in the entire world. 

I kind of feel guilty that I've been so bad at documenting this pregnancy.  I wish I had taken more time to write everything down, and to have Josh take some real progress pictures.  The only real picture we have is when I was 5 weeks along...lame.  This pregnancy has been easy, exhausting, but easy.  I have been SO much more comfortable at the end with this one, compared to my experience with Lucy.  Every step and every breath was miserable, at the end, with her.  This time, I'm not that uncomfortable.  Last night I had my first moments of, "I need him out, and I need him out NOW!!!".   I felt desperate for the first time.  I think it was because I ate too much for dinner- I hate that.  Baby boy still moves a ton.  My stomach is never the same shape for long because he is always shifting around and making it mold into something bizarre looking.  
He has dropped a crazy amount in the past week.  Last Saturday night I had contractions every 5 minutes for about an hour or an hour and a half.  I thought it might be the beginning of the real thing, but then they just faded away.  The next morning when I woke up, my belly sat about 4 inches lower than it had been the night before.  I've had a ton of contractions, pressure, and shooting pain this past week.  I hope he comes soon.  I really just want to hold him already.

I have gained quite a bit more weight this time around than I did with Lucy.  I put on 18 lbs with her, ending at 118, and I have currently gained 24 with this one, weighing in at 124.  I am eager to get back in shape.  My family is doing a fitness contest that I will blog about later, that I am excited to participate in.  I pretty much only wear work out clothes these days.  I might actually get dressed once a week, no joke, and when I do it lasts a whole hour or two.  The other day I pulled out all of my pre-pregnancy clothes and it made me so excited to actually have things to wear again!  I've missed wearing cute clothes that actually fit.
I found a new doctor!  The one I picked randomly when we moved here turned out to be a mega douche.  I finally decided to make the switch after my 37 week appointment, when he chewed me out for turning down a vaccination booster shot.  It was really weird to get into a fight with my doctor.  I never really liked him, but that was the last straw, he was fired.  Luckily my new doctor had a cancellation in her schedule and was able to see me!  So far, I really like her.  The hospital I where I will deliver is a half hour from our house, without traffic, which makes me a little nervous.  I just hope I get there in enough time to get my beloved epidural.  I am also hoping that my family gets up here in enough time, so we don't have to bring Lucy to the hospital with us.  Can you imagine?  Oye.  I'm really hoping to only stay in the hospital one day.  I hated being in the hospital after I had Lucy.  I was constantly being interrupted, woken up, poked, prodded, and was just ready to be home.  Everything was so much easier once we were home, so I'm really hoping they let us go after 24 hours this time around.
The nursery is almost complete.  We just need pictures of the little guy to fill some frames, I need to get an ottoman, and I would like to get a rug as well.  It is simple and clean looking.  I didn't really have a vision for his room, I just knew what I didn't want.  It has come together slowly with a lot of DIY projects, and I really like it.  We have his car seat in the car, blankets and clothes washed, newborn photo session scheduled, blessing date set, toys and accessories out and ready, Lucy's schedule printed for my family, hospital bags packed, cameras charged and ready to go... I think we are ready.  Now he just needs to decide to come out!

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now.  I am excited to finally have him here.  I can hardly wait to kiss his tiny cheeks.

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