Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 Months

Our sweet baby girl turned 7 months old last week! How is this possible? I can't believe it has already been 7 months. It feels like yesterday that I birthed her, but like she has been with us forever. Lucy continues to be a ray of sunshine in our lives and home. She is the sweetest baby around and we love her so unbelievably much.

At 7 months, Lucy:

  • can sit up on her own! She has only taken one fall while sitting and she's been doing it for almost a month. She has great balance and control.
  • rolls allllll over the place all the time. She is a little tumble weed and is never in the same place I put her, even after just a few seconds.
  • reaches for EVERYTHING! Whether we are holding her, she is in her stroller, or she's on the ground, she tries to touch everything in sight. Who knew the vacuum handle, wall corners, remote controls, door knobs, etc could be so interesting? I try to let her touch as much as possible, because I know that is how she learns at this age. I love that she is so interested and that she loves to learn.
  • eats a ton! She still loves to nurse, and she is a champion with solids. Girlfriend eats everything we give her. The only thing she hasn't liked is edemame, which I'm ok with because it is a soy bean and I don't want her to eat a lot of soy. I still make all her food. She loves everything from mangoes to lentil soup and has had no tummy issues with anything we've given her. She still hasn't had any gluten, dairy, or meat- only fruits, veggies, grains, and legumes. I will probably introduce the other foods groups to her in the next couple of months.
  • still naps 6-7 hours a day. She is such a good little sleeper. She sleeps through the night most nights. For a while she had stopped, I think between traveling and growth spurts, she was waking up once a night. She just needed her bink and she'd fall asleep again. Now she's back on track and we all are loving it!
  • is still toothless, which I love! I thought for sure she was teething a few weeks ago, but there are no teeth in sight yet. I love her gummy little grin.
  • is extra squishy! I love her rolls and her quadruple chin. Yum!
  • notices other babies and little kids. She gets so excited when she sees another little one. She has to touch them and giggles. It's pretty cute.
  • gives me kisses and I love it! They are open mouthed, wet and amazing. I love her.
  • loves her mama and daddy. She smiles at us all day long and thinks we are the greatest people om Earth. We love it and will take it while it lasts. I hate to think that one day we will embarrass her and that she won't need us anymore.
  • has started to notice when I'm not paying attention to her and she fake coughs/gags to get me to look her way. Little stinker.
  • has terrible eczema. We all hate it. She scratches at it all day, and even in her sleep sometimes. It bleeds and scabs, and looks so uncomfortable. I'm determined to figure out the cause of her eczema and eliminate it completely.
  • loves to suck on her toes! It's so funny.
  • is still the happiest, funniest baby ever. She smiles at everyone and is just a bundle of happiness.
We love our little Lucy! She continues to amaze us, every day. We feel so lucky she is ours.
We are so very blessed.


Amanda Stephan said...

Hi Courtney,

You don't know me....I'm a friend of Emily's and just happened to be blog surfing tonight! My little boy has some eczema on his arms and I thought I would share what seems to be helping him: Aveenoy Eczema lotion. I don't know why but it seems to help more than the other things I've tried. You might have already tried it but I thought I would share! lol.


Kevin and Julie's Blog said...

I love your family! She is just adorable. When I have a baby I am coming to you for your feeding tips, i love how you make your own food!

Jake and Kim said...

Isn't it weird to think in no time she'll be ONE? It's so weird they grow up too fast! How fun though! ps eczema clears up quite a bit in the sunshine (I speak from experience) so yet another reason warm weather needs to get here pronto! Happy 7mo Lucy!

LoveLife{s.a.h.m.} said...

hey girl. i too was blog surfing we have a lot of mutual friends and i know your bro and we even met through eric s. anywho, cute fam and way cute daughter! i never had issues with lc having eczema but she was allergic to everything and had terrible stomach isses until she outgrew it at 13 months. thank u lord! {and it's all due to nursing her... i believe} i do know that if your nursing what u eat passes thru the milk. so try the elimination diet. milk, gluten etc. you can google the dr. sears diet. once i cut out all the common allergies lc was much better. good luck mama! also try the baby arbonne body and hair wash. i've heard it works great for eczema.

Jen said...

Hey Courtney,

Almost all of my kids have had a little bit of eczema. I like to have clean, yummy smelling babies, so I was bathing them every day. My pediatrician said they shouldn't be bathed that often (only 1-2 times per week...yikes!). Also, he mentioned that many soaps and shampoos made specifically for babies are actually very bad on their skin and dry it out. So, I started just using regular adult shampoo and soap, being careful not to get it in their eyes. My youngest, Max, has not had eczema, probably because I finally listened to the doc. Good luck!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I love that photo on the top of the blog. She is so darling. I love her so much. I like that she sucks on her toes! So cute!!

Brittney Hiller said...

Hi Courtney,

My son has eczema as well. He has had it since he was about a month old. I have definitly done my share of trials with lotions and body wash. Just recently he has broke out again really bad. Everything that i had used before was no longer working. So i discovered Johnson's new product called Natural. It is made with all natural products. So i bought the shampoo, body wash and lotion. Within two days of using this his eczema was gone. I also only give him a bath every other day and at Lucy's age i gave him a bath once every 2 days. Also i try nit to make his bath too warm because my doc has said it actually makes the eczema worse. I hope this helps. It really is a trial and error thing. I hope you find what workd for Lucy :)

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

How do they grow so fast! She is a doll!