Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's Official

I look like I'm about to pop.

38 Weeks Pregnant and despite my expression I am happy about life, just not thrilled to be taking a picture looking the way I do.

So apparently that nurse who said there was NO way I was going to make it to my due date was wrong. I'm 9 days out and think I still have 2 weeks to go. I feel no different than I did 2 months ago and have not progressed even the tiniest bit. We are anxious to meet this little lady who is growing inside of me- she's all we can think about!

Some fun new pregnancy facts:
  • Good sleep has become a thing of the past. It has just recently become uncomfortable for me. I can't find a good position and I wake up all the time. Oh well, I definitely enjoyed it while it lasted, the first 24 years of my life. Maybe one day I'll be able to do it again, maybe I won't.
  • I go into Baby's nursery every morning when I wake up and just stare at everything. I don't ever get bored of it either. We plan on having her in her own room from night one.
  • I have contractions throughout the day almost every day these days. Some are stronger than others. One night last week we thought I could possibly be in the beginning stages of labor. My contractions were strong and coming on every 3-5 minutes for 3.5 hours. I just didn't think it was something to worry about so we didn't go to the hospital. Turns out I was right. They just decided to stop and I was really sad about it.
  • Baby has dropped quite a bit and the bottom of my belly hangs out of my shirts now. Yes, I have belly cleavage. It's so white trash but I can't do anything about it.
  • I have gained 17.5 lbs over the past 9 months, and still don't have any stretch marks or swelling, hallelujah! I use Mother's Special Blend oil on my tummy, hips and butt 1-2 times a day. I love the stuff. I'm not sure if it has actually helped, or if I am just genetically blessed in the skin department, but I will use it with every pregnancy from here on out!
  • I still exercise lightly, but get contractions throughout my work out. My work outs consist of incline walking, stairs and light weights. I'm excited to run again and to be able to really push myself.
  • We have completed our birthing and breast feeding classes. I feel good about both things but am more nervous about breast feeding. I feel it's a very important thing to do and I'm worried that for some reason or another we'll struggle with it. I guess if we do, we do and it will all work out eventually.
  • I'm also pretty set on having Baby on a schedule. I know people have varying opinions on this but I think it can only bring security and happiness to the baby in the long run. I know it will take some time to figure out and that we will have to be flexible but it's something I really want to achieve asap. Good sleeping and eating patterns make everyone happy, don't they?
  • I won't be induced until she is at least 10 days past her due date. I personally am not a fan of induction, even though I've obviously never been through one. I think that babies come when they're good and ready and that any artificial drug isn't good for mom or baby so it's best to limit the use of them. I also think it's best to avoid risking a c-section where you can and inducement only adds to the likelihood of having to have one. If I get desperate, I'll try other natural options before I get induced. If they don't work we'll re-evaluate our situation at that point. I'm hoping she just comes on time, on her own, like a good little girl.
  • My sister is as anxious as Josh and I. I get a text, voice mail, or Facebook message every day from her requesting I force my baby out. She's getting very frustrated with us.
Well I guess that's it for now. I am trying to stay busy with house chores and such until she arrives. I hope she comes sooner than later. She consumes my every thought. We are ready for you nameless little baby! Come join our family. We're a fun bunch, I promise!


Melody's Voice said...

So exciting! I can't believe how big your belly is in comparison to the rest of your body! You are lucky to have gained all baby. I am just curious, you say you don't want anything unnatural during your birthing, does that mean you are going to go without an epidural?

Good much over these next few weeks. If she comes on thee 30th, she and I will share the same birthday :)

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

It makes me happy for you that your pregnancy has been so smooth & easy. I wish I could be there to see that little munchkin when she first gets here! Ahh, so sad. I love you both & I know the two of you will be excellent parents.

ps. you still look tiny everywhere else on your body, wohoo!

Julie said...

You sound completely ready! I love hearing about everything. Your confidence will be a great thing to have as you start this crazy journey of motherhood. :) This baby is one lucky girl! I am so happy for you two and can't wait to see her!

becca said...

Ha ha ha, your face in these photos is a lot different than in your other ones! Looks like it's time! I can't wait!

Whitney said...

Courtney my love! As I tell you all the time, you could be the most beautiful knocked up woman I have ever seen. I totally agree with you, I think a scheduled baby is a happy baby! It made our life and Davis' life so much better and easier. He always knew what to expect. However, everyone is different. Can't wait to see your darling little woob again!

Adam & Samantha said...

your belly looks like its going to explode. i completely agree with the baby on a schedule from day 1 and no induction unless medically necessary. when i have a baby, we'll have to chat! good luck, I hope she comes sooner than later

The Kilger Family said...

The schedule thing just did not work out for us. We go with more of a baby-led schedule. Not entirely on baby's demand, but we're not super strict about what time the girls eat and nap. As far as breast feeding goes, it seems like most women have a rough time with it, but once you get past the first two weeks, you're good. You look awesome and I hope that she comes soon, I can't wait to meet her.! You are going to make a great mom. :)

I am also curious, are you having an epidural?

Missy said...

Wow, you don't look pregnant at all until you hit your midsection! I am so excited for you. My baby was ten days after due date and I literally thought I would lose my mind during those ten days. Good luck! I hope she comes soon. My only advice is to be patient with breastfeeding. The first month is pretty tough, but stick it out if you can.

I can't wait to see her!

Megan said...

you seriously are the hottest pregnant women i have ever seen. hands down.

i feel like we are very much the same on a lot of things. schedule (in my opinion) is key. i feed isaac about every 3 hours and its key. i love knowing if he cries in the middle of that period its not cause he's hungry so really it makes it easier for momma and baby.

i was more nervous about breast feeding than the delivery as well. i really struggled with it with eli and was ready to quit when he was two weeks old. let me know if you struggle and i have some things that definitely helped me that i would be happy to share.

i am really so excited for you and can't wait for you to have your baby!! but really, we need to see some pictures of the nursery! i'm sure its the cutest thing ever. (um ps - sex put me into labor with both kids. just something you could try : ) )

Jake and Kim said...

Ahhh I cannot believe she hasn't come yet! I guess a well-cooked baby is a good baby. But pretty sure when I am 38/39 weeks my opinion will change on that! You look amazing, and I bet those 17.5 pounds will be half gone by the time you arrive home from the hospital! I seriously can't wait to see you and Josh with a baby!!!!

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

Oh my gosh!! I am SO excited and jealous for you to get to go through birth!!! Its the most amazing experience in the world. You look so cute!! If you ever have questions about breast feeding PLEASE call me. There are SO many tricks!! I have almost dried up multiple times. And a schedule is the best thing ever. Happy baby...happy life!! (I know its actually 'happy wife...happy life) Haha

Laura said...

I actually don't think you look that big! And... belly cleavage is HOT - at least that's what I kept telling myself :)

Labor is an awesome experience, you're going to love it! I'm so excited for you! You better text me!

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Hey Girly... We are super excited for you! I can't wait to see pictures of your cute little girl... And I swear.. You are going to be one of the lucky few that will walk out of the hospital wearing pre-prego clothes.... Good job on looking so cute all the way threw pregnancy...

Celee said...

Okay so YOU. ARE. DARLING. And I'm am going to be SUPER annoying right now and ask you to please please tell me where you got that navy blue Maxi dress, the cute brown one with the flowers, and the nautical striped one. I know I'm lame! But I'm preggo with baby numero dos and need to know! LOVE THEM! P.s. Do you remember me from Paul Mitchell? So thanks for listening to my lameness and normally I DON"T copy and DON"T like people to copy me. But I gotta ask:) Email me when you can! You look great! Love your bump and wish you all the luck in the world!

Spiker said...

Lindsay is so funny. Seriously tho, this has flown by for me. It seems like we just found out you were pregnant! I am so excited to come up!