Friday, September 3, 2010

Baby Showers Galore!

I have had 3 baby showers in Utah in the past month. We are so spoiled and so lucky to have such excited, generous and loving friends and family. Here's a recap of the three.

Brooke threw a double shower for me and Tori. It was really fun because Tori and I have known each other since we were 3 years old. She is due with a boy 3 weeks after I'm due. The shower was so beautiful, the food was incredible, and all our darling friends showed up to support us. It was amazing.

The brunch spread consisted of fresh fruit, yogurt and Carly's homemade granola, it was delicious.

Brooke's homemade cinnamon rolls, which are the best I've ever had in my life-seriously.

And Kim's savory quiche. Every bite of this food left my taste buds thrilled.

We got so many great gifts and are so lucky.

Me and Brookey

Me and Tori

Will, the little boy I watch, his mom Kate, and me

Some of our cute girl friends

The girls at my salon threw me such a fun shower. Again, the food was amazing. I know some great cooks. Nicole hosted the shower and went above and beyond. She is wonder woman. She has a 6 week old newborn and a 2 year old and she still managed to pull this all of with grace and looked gorgeous while doing it. She even made home made rolls and cupcakes for the event. I didn't get many pictures of all the decor, food, or girls. She has better ones than I do on her blog so pay a visit to see everything.

The cupcakes she made, so cute!

Me and Kristi who is due with a girl, Journee, in December.

Cassi, who is having a boy the 15 of this month, Bree, Ally, and Holly. I love these girls!

Josh's mom and sisters threw me a shower with all of the extended family. It was great to see everyone. The food, again, was delicious. I wish I had snapped some better pictures. On the menu we had peanut chicken kabobs, berry salad, homemade rolls, fresh fruit and lots of treats. It was seriously amazing. They had the house decorated so cute and I loved every detail.

Isn't this cradle amazing?

Me with all my R Spiker girl cousins.

Josh's sisters Rebecca, Rachel and his mom Bonnie

Thank you to everyone who put time and energy into my showers, and to everyone who came to them. I loved being with each of you. We feel so lucky and blessed to know so many great people. We are all spoiled and our baby isn't even here yet. Our daughter has more clothes than we know what to do with, I don't know that she'll ever repeat an outfit!


Brooke and Matt: said...

cute cute! The shower was a blast. I'm glad baby girl got lots of great gifts!!!

Megan said...

all those showers look amazing... and you look gorgeous in every single shot. you are going to be such a hot mama!!

Hailey Happens said...

You are, hands down, the cutest preggers girl I have ever seen. And, I have seen alot!! Soo excited for you and Josh!!

Hailey Happens said...

Cutest pregnant girl ever!!! Dying to see baby girl and yes, she is marrying Grahamzy pants!!

Ms. Green Eyes said...

Spoiled, indeed! And well deserved. You are adorable. Can't wait to see this little lady.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Your showers look amazing as do you! I hope you are all set for her arrival!