Wednesday, August 18, 2010

35 Week Pregnancy Stats

Well folks, I went to the doctor yesterday for one of my weekly check ups. Everything is looking great and she certainly doesn't think I will be going past my due date with how things are progressing! I was certain I was going to go over, so we'll see how things go from here (remember how I was certain we were having a boy?).

My 35 weeks stats are as follows:
  • 70% effaced
  • 1 cm dilated
  • Baby's head is at a station -2 (she's already entering my pelvis)
  • Baby is upside down and facing left, she has been for several weeks now
  • 16 lb total weight gain
  • less karate kicks these days, more pushing, butting, elbowing, pressing, rolling
  • still only the top portion of my belly button is protruding, I don't think I'll get a full outie
  • 36'' waist- started out with a 22'' waist, will I ever see it again?
  • still no swelling or stretch marks, hopefully I can claim this one until the end
  • Baby is measuring a little small, nothing scary, most likely because I am petite (and we thought she was going to take after Josh size-wise, thank goodness for me she isn't). She'll probably end up in the 6-7 lb range.
  • get contractions when I stand for a long time, when I exercise and walk up stairs, when I get startled, in the afternoon and evening, and every time we go to Home Depot-seriously
  • have completed birthing class and feel somewhat prepared for what I'm about to endure
  • could eat strawberries all day, every day. Fruit has definitely been my food of choice these past 9 months.
  • still mostly comfortable. The only times I'm uncomfortable are when she is pressing her butt into my ribs and when I over eat.
We are so excited for our little babe to be with us. We know she will bring us more joy than we can imagine. I can't believe my time pregnant has almost come to an end. Some days it feels like it's been the longest 9 months of my life and others it seems as if it's flown by. We are wrapping up on the baby preparations. Her nursery is almost complete and I LOVE how it turned out. Josh put a lot of blood and sweat into that room and I am so grateful for all his work. I will post pictures as soon as it is complete.

As excited as we are for this blessing to join our family, we get a teeny bit sad that it will never be just the 2 of us again. I will miss my alone time with Josh. I love him so much and have thoroughly enjoyed having him to myself over the past 4 years. We have enjoyed our alone time so much and I am so glad we waited to have a baby. It was perfect for us. We were able to become 100% secure in our relationship which I feel can only help us once the baby is here. We are in the perfect place, for us, to welcome this baby into our family. We have been talking a lot and both feel we need to set aside time for each other, once she is here. With how much Josh works, the baby, church callings, daily life, continuing house projects, etc. it will be easy for us to neglect each other and we won't allow that to happen. So we decided that after the delivery, as soon as I'm feeling well enough and we have a good milk supply for the baby, we will start dating again. A date a week is what we plan on. I am already excited for it and I still have Josh to myself.

We couldn't be more excited to add to our family of two. We feel blessed everything has gone as smoothly as possible. We are grateful for our health and for the knowledge we have to help this baby grow to be as healthy as we can. We can't wait to see her, have her, hold her, love her, teach her, and watch her become what she chooses for herself. We can't wait for her arrival!


Adam & Samantha said...

i can't believe you are 5 weeks away from delivering your baby! i can't wait to see pictures, she'll be so precious. You guys are a great couple, always make time for yourselves. You'll do great!

The Martin Family said...

It was fun to see you today at BabyGap. I am sure I will see you there often. You look so amazing! I can't wait to see the babe! Good luck!!!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

So exciting, she could be here any day now! I think it is so important that you guys are planning to have time together. I am glad Nathan and I are waiting to have kids too, b/c we have grown so close with it just being the 2 of us. Good luck!

Meg said...

It is so exciting!!! Our baby was only 6.2 pounds, and he was perfectly healthy! Yours will be too!

I totally know what you mean with waiting to have babies (us too) and wanting to still have dates. Its so important! You guys are so cute together!

Chels Grubbs said...

I can't believe she's almost here! She is going to be so dainty and beautiful and I cannot wait to see her! You two (ok I've never met Josh but if he's married to you then he must be fantastic) are going to be incredible parents. She is beyond lucky to have you and I can't wait for you to become a mom. It really is like nothing else you've ever experienced. The greatest blessing in the world. I'm so glad everything has gone so smoothly for you (my water broke at 33 weeks and Ollie was born at 34 so you've made it past me!) and I hope your delivery is the same (that's usually the easiet part!). Anyway, I'm so excited for your new, life changing-in the most awesome way journey!!!

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

Its so funny how fast it goes for everyone else. I can't believe she is almost here. I am so excited for you guys. It is the most amazing experience you will ever have. SO enjoy every moment you can. I loved the birthing process. The most spiritual thing you'll ever go through.

esther said...

You make being pregnant look very glamorous! I love the photos of you and Josh in your previous post.

Spiker said...

It all sounds so good and you did have a smooth one... can't wait to see her. Someone just told me their friend just had a boy after being told on three ultrasounds it was a girl. Wouldn't that be a surprise!

Angie said...

You really do look amazing. 16 pounds?! 36 inches?! You know you're making all of us despise you...kidding! kind of :)
Best of luck these next few weeks. And good for you that you realize the potential "marriage neglect" that can happen. Being aware and prepared will help a ton. I can't wait to see pics of the nursery!

Alison said...

Sixteen pounds TOTAL?! I think I gained that in one week alone in my last trimester!! Wow!! Well, she could be arriving any day now... stay away from Home Depot. Ha! Good luck!!