Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love Thee

A while back I wrote the following on our Be Healthy, Be Happy blog. I thought I'd share it with the rest of you because I love it oh so much.

Dear Lululemon,

I want to thank you ever so much for providing me with as much comfort, confidence, and drive as you have.

I love everything about you. I adore the way that your pants hug my bum, and make it look higher and tighter than it is. I love that your Groove pant can be worn inside out for versatility. I love that all your bottoms have extra crotchal cut out fabric so they don't go creeping in the most private of places. I love that when I wear your speed short for a race I never have to pick a wedgie. I am so grateful for your flat seams, because of them I never have chaffing issues. I love that you have a place built in to all of your clothes for my ipod, key, and chap stick. I love how sexy my husband looks when he wears you to bed or while doing house chores. His pants hug his bum, and his shirt his biceps just right. I don't know what I would do with out you. I love that your jackets keep me warm and cozy during the winter months, and yet they are light enough to wear on my spring runs. I am thrilled that you give me enough support up top that I don't have to wear a sports bra when I have you on. You also hide RT which is really nice. It's pretty cool that I still feel semi-cute when I have you on and am sweaty and gross at the gym. I also think it's fantastic that you don't shrink, bleed in the wash, or stretch out. You are pretty much perfect.

Thank you for making me want to push harder, run faster, and breathe deeper. When I want to reward myself you are the first thing I think of. I am truly addicted and can no longer wear anything other than you. I look forward to this love affair continuing throughout my life. When I wear you, I am making myself healthier and happier.

I love you,

To fall in love too visit Lululemon to find a store near you or to shop online. I promise, you won't regret it.


Chad and Carly Carlson said...

I seriously have like five pairs of their pants! I wear them ALL the time!

Brooke and Matt: said...

I think you just convinced me that getting myself some lululemon will help get me motivated to loose all my prego pounds this spring/summer!

the organic kitchen said...

love lulu! What is rt?

+spencer+ said...

i love that the comment that stopped all other comments was "what is rt?" is no one going to answer your mom?

Cassi Ostler said...

Amen, sista...Amen!