Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Josh and I decided to go to Vegas for the long weekend. It is rare that we go on trips alone together so we thought we'd take this opportunity and do it. It was awesome! We packed up and left after Josh got home from work on Friday. The drive was easy and we arrived Friday night at about 10. We went straight to the strip and enjoyed shopping and people watching. Las Vegas has a lot of really bad, ugly things going on but it also has some amazing architecture and interior design. We really took notice of that this trip.

This is one of the entrances to Caesar's Palace

I wish I had taken more pictures of the ceilings, I only got a few that I loved. Here is one at the Polasso.

On Valentine's Day Josh and I went on a run. It was so fun to do it together. We rarely run together because he is so much faster than I am. When we finished he ran out to get milk and came back with a beautiful Orchid plant for me! I told him a long time ago that instead of roses I wanted an Orchid for our house.

That afternoon we got Thai massages that were pretty awesome. I have been so tense and achy from training so it was just what I needed. It is amazing how strong these tiny little Thai girls are. She dug into me until I was about to cry. I almost passed out from the pain one time (I know that sounds ridiculous but I'm completely serious). I got super light headed and dizzy but then I came to it again. I thought I was going to die during the process but after I was glad I did it. I immediately felt better after and I was so happy to be able to walk around without my shoulders being up by my ears. Josh loves Thai massage. No one else can put enough pressure on him to make it effective and he enjoyed his experience.
After our massages we went to dinner at the Venetian's Canaletto. It was delicious and the perfect Valentine dining experience.

Sunday morning we headed to the Hoover Dam and got some yummy breakfast at Mel's Diner in Boulder. We had never been so it was quite the experience. It is absolutely enormous! The Dam is almost 800 feet high and is 660 feet wide at its base. Josh marveled at the engineering involved and I was terrified of the height.

He couldn't resist looking over the edge.

This is the view from the top of the dam. They are building a bridge that will be well over 1000 feet above ground when it is complete. It was incredible seeing it in the process of being built. Try to find the arches that have been started in the middle of he picture below. Right now they are being held up by cables. I wish you all could see it because this picture so does not do it justice.

A picture of me in Arizona, taken by Josh who was standing in Nevada.
This is just blocks away from our town house. We were so excited, three of our favorite things to eat all in a row! What a happy, happy day!

We enjoyed a New York original and he best pizza in the world, Grimaldi's. We were seated right by the kitchen so we were able to watch them toss the dough and make our delicious food.

Then we headed to Nielson's Frozen Custard. If you have never had this, you must. It is the tastiest, smoothest treat ever! It is a Utah original and no one will ever be able to make frozen custard better than Nielson's. Please make your way to Utah, Nevada, or Virginia and get yourselves a concrete from Nielson's.

Sunday night we headed back to the strip to enjoy some more of the pretty things it has to offer. The Bellagio Hotel is our very favorite. It is so beautiful inside and out. This is my favorite ceiling in all of Vegas:
It took the artist 2 years to blow all of these. AMAZING! I want my house to have a room that is covered in these. Don't they just make you happy?
We also had to visit the garden room. It had a red Chinese theme this time and it was so beautiful.

I loved these blue blown glass bamboo shoots.

And of course we had to watch the water show. It is one of the best things on the strip and it's free so why not?

Thank you Joshua for such a fantastic weekend. It was so fun to play with you and to not have to answer to anyone but each other. I love you.

Enjoy this clip of the water show!


Brooke and Matt said...

I'm so glad you two still went! It is so much fun to go on a spontaneous little romantic getaway (even though I still wish we could have come!) You look beautiful in all of the pictures!

lori and clark remington said...

Wow! Your trip to Las Vegas looked like so much fun! I'm so happy for you guys that you are really enjoying your lives before you have kids...then its' harder to get away...oh yeah, I forgot your mom is dying for a grand baby..she will watch it anytime right? Maybe you should put it in writing before you give her one!!!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

How fun! I have been wanting to go to Vegas, but it is mush harder for my husband to get work off than it is for me...and now that we have the puppies it is even harder...but how fun!!!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

Court! I'm so glad that you had such a fun trip!! I didn't even know you left town, how fun for you guys! I love your new profile pic at the top, that is too cute!!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

I so love your short hair, Im just saying...Viva las Vegas! So much fun! A couples weekend for Valentines...so perfect! I haven't ever been to the dam, it looks huge! Im glad you had a great weekend & break--you both deserve it!

Chris & Breanne Coccimiglio said...

Looks like a lot of fun! It is so nice to get away for a while with just us two! I am glad you guys got to go and had a great time! :)

Laura said...

Oh man, I'm jealous! How fun to go to Vegas for V-day! Hope you had a good weekend!

becca said...

josh-you look exactly like dad in your purple shirt dam photo!

the organic kitchen said...

Hey crazy... a massage should never hurt so bad you almost pass out.... NEVER! Be careful and next time tell her to ease up! Love the flower ceiling at the Bellagio.Looks like you had fun and Josh is a good husband for remember your orchid request!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Looks like Vegas was the place to be this month, huh? The Venetian restaurant seems fabulous, how fun. And we stopped and admired those same glass bamboo shoots in the Garden room! Weren't they cool? Well kudos to Josh on the orchid, and hope you guys had a blast. -Shelby

Julie and Tyson said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! It's SO nice to get away from the cold. I know you said you are doing the half marathon...Where did you find your training schedule?

p.s. You two are so cute! :)

esther said...

What a fun weekend get away.

Rachel said...

Wow, that is so awesome that you guys were able to just take off like that and go to Vegas! SO much more goes into planning something like that because of my peeps. Haha, glad to see you guys had a great V-Day!

kirk n stacy said...

I love orchids too. My mom does such a good job with them. I tried one....It died, so much for mother like daughter. What a fun weekend.
PS. I have never been to that Damn, Damn. Looks huge!

ecuakim said...

Oh I LOVE blown glass! I have a collection of Christmas tree ornaments that are all hand-blown glass. Just one of my favorite things... Oh, and by the way, we have a Nielson's in AZ too! It's just 15 minutes from our house, so feel free to come, stay with us, and get a tasty treat!!!