Sunday, July 13, 2008


So, last night we went to a Dodger game with my family. My dad has season tickets on the field. We went and ate dinner first and then we headed out to our seats. We literally sat right behind the dug out. The Dodgers played the the Marlins and that is who we were sitting behind. My dad told me to ask for a ball. I went over and asked the first player I saw for a ball. He looked at me and this is how our conversation went:

Me: Hey, can I get a ball?
Senior D.B.: Why are you wearing that flower thing on your head?
Me: I like it, you don't like it?
Senior D.B.: No, I think it's stupid!
Me: Well can I still get a ball?
Jerk Face: Do you have your parents permission?
Me: I'm 22 years old and married!

From there he just laughed and walked away. Can you believe what a jerk he was? I was shocked he was that rude! He thought I was some annoying 12 year old kid. I can't believe he asked if I had my parents permission to get a ball. Do I really look that young? The guy didn't even end up playing in the game. He was a pansy and had to sit out the whole time.

Us in the lounge before the game.

My cute parents.

I felt so bad for this guy. He got booed off the field at his own stadium. Poor baby.

During the 7th inning stretch.


Megan said...

i definitely feel your pain! people still think i am in high school and that my two younger siblings are older than me. so not only do i say, im 22 and married, but that i have a baby! i swear when people see me and eli they think im his nanny : )
i wish we could have met up with you!! beverly hills is so close to us (with no traffic of course)! unfortunately we were were santa barbara with tanners family all weekend. but let me know if you guys travel back this way!

Rachel said...

What a lame-o. I'm glad you guys are having fun. Miss you!

Cassi Ostler said...

It's his too tight pants that are making him grouchy...and maby he has a headband phobia...

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

How fun, being with family! I am so excited. I am flying to Texas to visit my family for 10 days on Friday! Yay!

ecuakim said...

Oh brother...that guy has no clue. Here's what my friend Jana had to say about your cutie-patootie headbands:

"... the ROCKIN headbands that cause me to loose sleep cuz they are so stinkin cute??? !!!!

I have to have one or many.... and both my girls must have them for school. I think I have found a new addiction!!!"

And you are so sweet to want to send Clark a hat! We love the Owen hat. Clark looks great in orange, we've discovered. So that's our favorite, but they are all SUPER CUTE! I just wish I had a girl...

Spiker said...

He was just being a mean boy! I think sitting out of all the games and having a small weenie has made him a defensive, angry little man. oh and the fact that he was on the opposing team might have made him less generous with the balls.