Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lukey Pukey

My cute brother Luke came into town today to go to EFY. We got to hang out all day! We went up Little Cottonwood Canyon this evening to get out of the house. It was so beautiful up there. I love the mountains in Utah, it is the best part about living in this state. When we got to the end of the road we got out. It was super windy! The boys had fun throwing sticks. They flew forever before landing because the wind was carrying them so far. There is a short clip of Josh throwing some at the end of this post. The quality of these pictures isn't great because it got pretty dark while we were up there. I always love seeing baby Luke. I can't believe how old and big he is now. He'll be on a mission in just a few years...SAD!

The boys got tired of waiting for me to get the right setting on the camera so they decided to dance.


Rachel said...

Cute Luke. Sorry we missed you guys on Sunday. Call you tomorrow after the ultrasound!

Ben & Alex Brown said...

That is cool Josh is working for Goldman Sachs. That is where my dad started his career. He worked there for like 15 years. When I was 3 we lived in NY for 18 months for him to train with Goldman. It is weird to think they were our age when they did that! Anyway I will keep in touch and look forward to catching up when you are in town!


the organic kitchen said...

Luke is so cute and thanks for the mission comment... like i need an excuse to start crying. And the stick throwing... it always amazes me the things boys do to amuse themselves. Throwing sticks, poking things with sticks, turning them into weapons. We girls are far more sophisticated. We would only like sticks if a designer embellished them and charged an outrageous amount of money for them. ~ Linda/ mom