Tuesday, July 24, 2012

22 months

 At 19 months:

 At 20 months:

 At 21 months:

At 22 months:

Between 19 and 22 months Lucy:
  • is still obsessed with Neil Diamond and Lady Gaga.  She also loves the Black Keys and any song with a strong beat.
  • is a little fishy and wants to go swimming every day.  She would stay in the pool all day if we would let her.  She does great with her water wings.  She jumps off the side of the pool, swims wherever she wants to, can spin, lay on her back, and get back to the steps without a problem, all while giggling every second of the way.
  • tried so hard to potty train.  We gave it a really good push, but it just wasn't happening.  She pooped great on the potty and could make it there in time to  do so, but had no clue when she was about to pee, so it ended up on my floor more than 40 times in the 3 days we went panties only.  I was so proud of her for her effort.  She wanted to do it so badly, and would get so excited when she was successful.  She is such a good little girl.
  • has become the sweetest little thing on earth.  She is full of love, hugs, kisses, giggles, smiles, playfulness, and will sit and give us a cuddle for a minute every now and then.  She is still too bust to ever really snuggle up to us, especially if we try to get her to lay down, but we will take every second we can get.  She tells us that she loves us and it's pretty much the best thing ever.
  • is quite the talker!  Her vocabulary expands every day, it's amazing.  Right now she consistently uses between 100 and 150 words.  She uses 2-4 word phrases all day long.  I think complete sentences aren't too far off. 
  • knows all of her colors and points out the color of everything, everywhere we go.
  • loves to do yoga.
  • can count to 4, and then throws random numbers in, with an occasional 'Y!' until she gets to 10.
  • can spell her name.
  • loves to dance!  I can hardly wait to get her in dance lessons.  She also loves to jump, or try at least.  It's so funny to watch.  She actually got really good at it yesterday and it made me kind of sad. 
  • gets so excited to take a bath.
  • has lost pretty much all of her baby-ness.  It kind of breaks my heart, but is so awesome at the same time.  
  • she has NEVER been more fun in all her life.  She is a complete joy to be around.  She just wants to play and love on you all day long, it's the best thing ever.  She loves to be the center of attention, and is, everywhere we go.
  • loves to play at the park.  The swings are her favorite.  We probably spend an hour on them every time we go to the park.
  • misses her Utah friends.  I am sad we still don't know anyone her age out here.  Hopefully she will have playmates in our area soon.
  • loves to blow bubbles, color and play with play dough.  She loves to stack her block, play with her dolls, and musical instruments.  She especially loves the harmonica her Uncle Luke gave her.
  • loves to empty the bathroom cupboards and line up all of our hair/body products on the edge of the bathtub, while I get ready.  She also likes to put on fake deodorant, little weirdo.
  • is obsessed with her Grandma Linda, Aunt Lindsay and Aunt Mari. 
  • still sleeps 12 hours a night with two 2 hour naps a day.
  • still is crazy obsessed with her binkies.  She only gets them when it's time to sleep or if we drive down to LA.  She has recently started loving sleeping with a blanky as well.
  • loves to sing and do the hand motions to 'Itsy Bitsy Spider,' 'Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree,' 'Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam,' and constantly asks us to sing the George of the Jungle theme song.
  • favorite movies are 'George of the Jungle', 'Tangled', 'Up', and 'Home Alone'.  
  • gets so excited when she asks for something, like it's a new and brilliant idea.  It's hilarious.  She giggles, leans her head to the side, grabs your hand, and shrieks with excitement trying to get out whatever it is she is asking for.
  • has to have a bow in her hair at all times.  She can now have two real French braids in her hair.  It is getting so long and so blonde, it kills both of us.  Who would have thought my genes would actually come through with the eye and hair color?  I'm sure she will have dark hair later on in life, like we both do, but I will take the blonde as long as it wants to stick around.  
  • loves to eat frozen blueberries.  She still eats super healthy, with no processed foods, sugar, etc.  She eats hummus by the spoonful, and asks for it several times a day.  She still prefers fish to chicken, will now eat eggs, loves berries of all sorts, thinks soup is awesome, is thrilled to eat her vitamin every morning, drinks almond milk, water, and green juice, thinks raisins and apple juice are 'treats', and loves spicy food like her mom and dad.  She eats all sorts of food, from Indian to Thai which, of course, we love.  Let's hope her bother is as good of an eater as she is.
  • thrives when she is on her schedule.  This girl is a girl of routine.  All of our summer vacations make that a little hard, but she is a trooper.
  • asks us to 'come?' with her wherever she goes.
  • loves to help out with chores around the house, especially laundry.
  • has her daddy (and everyone else) wrapped around her little finger.
  • knows there is a baby in my belly, and that it's a boy, but is in for quite the shock come October.  I think she is going to have a really hard time sharing attention and my time with him.
  • Asks for every extended family member, several times a day.
  • loves her mama and daddy.  I am sad that one day we won't be the center of her universe.  She is our whole life and we adore every tiny thing about her.
  • has the most precious face ever.  We could stare at it all day long.  She is so expressive and her joy comes through her awesome smile, and bright eyes every second of every day.
  • is insanely smart.  It is scary.  Her doctor and strangers mention it to me regularly so I know it's not just me being a proud and biased mom.  She is quick and cleaver and bright.  She has her dad's desire to learn and passion for figuring out how things work.   I am so proud of her for that.
We have never loved having her as part of our family as much as we do right now.  She gets smarter, stronger, and more wonderful with every passing day.  She has become such a wonderful little girl and we are so very blessed to be her parents.  We love you more than you will ever understand, Lucy June!


Caitlin and Josh said...

So glad I got to see that little nuggie last weekend! l - u - c - Y!!!! Such a smart pants :) Can't wait to come up with Linds and visit you guys in San Fran xoxo

AaReAn said...

ok um she is so dang cute...I think you need to move by me so sagey and her can be best friends. And oh um okay so is she potty trained?! I need some pointers...I am debating if I want to do it before or after baby #2 comes...how did you know Lucy was ready?

Rachel said...

Oh! This makes me miss her so much! We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you again! Can't wait to meet the little fella too...

CASEY & NICOLE said...

She is so darling!! And Court you look amazing and are such an amazing momma!! Miss you guys!!