Tuesday, February 21, 2012

16 and 17 months

Our crazy little Lucy is 17 months old (tomorrow)!  She is the most energetic person I know.  I don't think people comprehend how busy she is, until they see her go with their own eyes.  She is such a little munchkin, she looks like she shouldn't be able to move as quickly as she does.  She loves to climb on everything, runs everywhere she goes and rarely walks, loves her friends and is the happiest little girl on earth.  She smiles all day long and thinks everything is hilarious, which we love because we constantly get to hear her adorable little giggle.

She LOVES going to her little Gymboree classes with her best friend, Finn.  She can't get into the play area fast enough and shrieks with excitement the whole time she's in there.  Her favorite thing to do is walk up the slide by herself (thank you, Josh, for teaching her that one), and to flop onto her tummy when she gets to the top and slide down.  She darts down this little ramp the kids are supposed to walk up, and refuses any help while she's charging it.  I'm sure we'll split a chin open any day now because she is constantly in fast motion.

She finally had a mini growth spurt!  I am guessing she gained a pound or two, but haven't weighed her.  I'm assuming she is 18 or 19 lbs these days- a tiny little air filled midget.  She adores the bath and always asks to take one.  She is heart broken if we tell her she can't take one.  She LOVES Tangled.  I think it may be tied with Home Alone these days, and could pass it up very shortly.  She is talking more and more every day, which is so nice!   She mimics a lot of what we say, which makes me realize how careful we need to be around her.  We have been doing the My Baby Can Read program for about 5 weeks, and she can read three words now!  She has eyes, nose and clap down, and I couldn't be more proud!!!!  We are going to attempt to potty train her in a couple of months.  She is showing several signs that she is ready and we are excited about it.  We aren't sure what to expect, but hope it goes well.

Lucy loves to be pulled around on her sled.

She also still LOVES to eat and is the healthiest little eater I know.  She has still only had sugar once in her life, on her first birthday.  She thinks candy is a toy, and loves blueberries.  I am so proud!

She loves her Dada.  Every time my phone rings, she rushes over to it so excited to talk to 'Dada dada'!

Loving the Little Gym

Another one of her favorite things to do is climb, jump, and play on our bed.

Lu would stay outside all day if we would let her.  Unfortunately, she runs straight for the street any chance she gets.  I can't take my eyes off of her for half a second.

More gymnastics class.

You can't use the bathroom without peeping Tom keeping an eye on you.

She can wear a big girl pony tail now!

Sprinting through the mall.

On Valentine's Day!

Loves her babies.


She stashes all of her crap under our couch.  I pull this out from under there at the end of every day.

She loves her Finn.  He is indifferent about her.

Loved the tattoos and stickers Aunt Mari and Uncle Chris sent for Valentine's Day,

and the balloons we got her.

The only thing she will sit still for these days...Tangled.

She did NOT like the car wash.  She had this sad look of concern on her face the whole time we were in there and just whimpered.  Poor baby!

Has slippery hair that looks like this throughout the day:

The absolute BEST smile on earth:


Whitney said...

She is getting so big! Don't you just love this stage? As sad as it is to see them grow, its SO fun! She is too darling for words Court.

Catching Up With The Connolly's said...

The picture of her looking under the bathroom door is hilarious! So is her face during the car wash lol poor baby!

Caitlin and Josh said...

I don't think looking at your blog is good for my health...I just about have a heart attack at every Lucy picture! I just want to nibble those cheeks and eat her up! You 2 beautiful people sure make one beautiful baby! More please!!

Rachel said...

Could she be any cuter?!!! We don't get to see enough of her!

Julie said...

She is one sweet little lady! I love how curious and energetic she is. She and Owen would make quite the pair. :)

Chantelle Olsen Peavler said...

I just want to squish her....she is so stinking cute!