Wednesday, November 23, 2011

14 Months

Our precious girl is 14 months old!  She continues to grow and shine, learn and play every single day.  She is still the busiest baby ever and is hilarious to watch.  Every little thing she does is magic and we are entertained by her 100% of the day.

At 14 months, Lucy:
  • is obsessed with the movie Home Alone.  She especially loves the part where Kevin attacks the burglars.  She doesn't even blink for those 15 minutes.  It is the only thing on earth she will sit still for.  It's amazing, really.  
  • can walk, well take enough steps to get from one room to the next, but still chooses to crawl. 
  • is teething.  She still only has 2 bottom teeth, but her top right tooth will be poking through any day.  
  • still sleeps and naps well.  She used to do 12 hours at night, but since day light savings, she's been doing more like 11 hours a night, with two 2 hour naps a day.
  • loves other kids and babies.  
  • gives kisses voluntarily throughout the day.  She makes the cutest 'ooooooooo' sounds when she wants to kiss you.  We love it.  She is showing more signs of becoming a cuddler, but she can't keep from moving long enough to actually do it.  She gives hugs, short little snuggles, and pats you on the back which is the cutest thing ever.
  • is still the tiniest little thing.  She weighs about 16.5-17 lbs.  She can still wear half of her 3-6 month clothes from last winter.  Even though she is a bean, I get tired and achy when I hold her too much.  
  • has shown the beginnings of a temper.  Finn and her battled it out over a book the other day and when he finally took it from her she clenched her fists, turned red, growled and her whole body shook!
  • loves to make messes and empty any box, drawer, or container that she can.
  • can climb up and down the stairs.
  • loves to pretend she is talking on the phone.  She puts it up to her ear, says 'yep', nods and speaks gibberish.  She can unlock my phone and I often find all of my settings messed up.
  • can sign please, eat, and more.  It is so cute.  She just started doing it one day.  I never really pushed the signing thing with her, I would just do it a few times a day when I would talk to her, and then one day she just started doing it.  She knows when to use each sign to tell me what she wants, and it's actually been really convenient.
  • still isn't talking too much.  She says dada, hot, soft, nigh nigh, yep, woof, moo, and moe for more.  I got her to say Santa (sa-ta) twice, but she mostly just laughs at me and shakes her head when I try to get her to talk.  She mostly grunts and leans when she wants something.
  • still loves her accessories.  She plays with them throughout the day.  Her favorite thing is still a scarf.  She also loves shoes.
  • loves to go outside.  She just plays with the leaves and we dance, and she crawls around on a blanket.  She LOVES it.  She loves the wind, always has, and gets so happy when a breeze hits her.  We go on walks almost daily.  She gets so excited when she knows we're going outside. 
  • loves her dad!  She gets so excited when he comes home from work.  It's the most darling thing ever.  She still will take me over him though most of the time.  I think the further away from nursing we get, that will change.
  • doesn't nurse anymore.  We stopped about 3.5 weeks ago. It's been very bittersweet.  She is doing great without it though, which makes me feel better about stopping. I think the transition was slow and long enough that it wasn't shocking to her when we were done.  She now drinks almond milk with a little bit of whole milk mixed in.
  • is so smiley, and playful, happy and fun.  I love that she is such a happy baby, and that is shows on her face.  She seriously smiles all day long.  It brings joy to my heart.
  • looks like Cindy Lou Who, especially when her hair is in pigtails.  She is the cutest baby ever.
I think that's it for her 14 month update.  We feel like she changes in some way everyday.  She is constantly learning something new, or hitting another milestone.   It's amazing and we couldn't be more proud of her.   We love every last ounce of you Lucy Lu!


Verna said...

I love her headband! She looks just like her Mama, too! Beautiful baby girl!

Chantel said...

love the headbands!

the organic kitchen said...

Love her in that yellow sweater. Adorable.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

She is getting so big. Because we only see her every few months the changes seem so drastic. It's a bitter sweet thing!! I love her and I am a proud aunt, happy to have a happy and healthy niece :) Love you guys

The Robinson Family said...

Josh! You little family is beautiful. I love seeing updates of little Lucy because my little Morgan is about the same age. So fun. She's adorable. Courtney - I love your other blog too! You are very talented. Happy New Year! -molly

lauren said...

She is just the cutest lil squish! and I am so in love that she watches home alone already!! LOL! seriously funny and so unique! You are a good mama:)

Meg said...

She is the happiest baby!!!!!!!!!!!!


AaReAn said...

can't even handle how cute she is...oh and I know its so lame that they put a limit on how many people can view your private blog. I think my limit is 100?!?! Don't know why its only letting you do 50!?