Friday, July 2, 2010

First Board Trip

We were able to take the boat out for the first time last weekend. It was great to spend a day in the sun and Josh was so happy to be on his wakeboard again.

Tori and I were just ornaments on the boat because of our 7 + month bellies. We let the boy and girl kiss and play for a while.

We couldn't get the boat to start after someone turned it off between runs. Joe sat patiently while a good Samaritan got our battery jumped for us.

Joshy boy:

Matt wake-surfing:
Joshua's back roll:


After the day on the lake we all went back to our house for a BBQ and watched Dinocrock vs. Supergator. Yes, the whole thing. How embarrassing. You must watch the trailer below:


Megan said...

ah, i miss fun summer days spent on a boat. your belly is so stinkin cute!

Tiffany said...

I can't get over this image. SO hilarious. SOOOOOOOO excited for you two :)

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

How fun! You and Tori look so cute!

Jess and Jason said...

You and Tori and your bellies are so cute. Excited to see you next weekend! :)

Brooke and Matt: said...

Looks so fun! I am going to try to come next time :)

The Coccimiglios said...

true best movie ever and I can't wait to just watch dincroc and supergator on its own. Wow we are really awesome

Spiker said...

Fact: You and Torie are cute pregos.

Fact: Joshua's back roll was awesome.

Fact: David Carradine must be very desperate for money.

Sabrina said...

DUDE! you gotta find 'shark attack: megladone' WE LOVE IT! there is a one liner in there that is so random and awful that you go "WHAT did he just say?!"

CASEY & NICOLE said...

so fun! court you are cute as ever! no one can pull a bikini off while they are that pregnant as good as you do! lucky girl!

The Alvords said...

David Carradine is dead, Linda, so I don't think he needs too much money at this point in his career.

That being said, what actor/actress would not work on this project simply for the satisfaction and fulfillment of being part of such a great work? Josh