Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week of Thanks

We spent Thanksgiving week basking in the glorious weather Southern California provides this time of year. It was a fantastic week filled with family, food, and holiday cheer.

The three days before our trip we were able to watch our nephew, Seth. What a little munchkin he is.

Our first night at my parents was perfect. We enjoyed a delicious meal and got to play with GORGEOUS cousins, Caroline and Saundra. I desperately want Saundra's hair (she's half black, that lucky girl, and has the best of both worlds. It is long, soft, and sooo curly...exactly what I want) and Caroline's eyes and eyelashes.

Would you look at that face? I don't think they come any cuter than this.

Thursday morning the boys played in the Turkey Bowl. They had been talking about it for weeks and I'm glad Josh got to play. Very few things make him as happy as playing football.

My morning hours were spent with my best friend, Ash, and baby Reese. I was ecstatic to finally meet sweet Reesey. She is so super tiny and I love her so much.

(P.S. I LOVE this picture of Lindsay and Curtis. It is hilarious, especially if you know them. It just fits.)

My first time holding my sweet little Reesey Pumpkin Pie.

Look at that beautiful smile!
Grandma Judy hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year. The entire night was filled with laughter, good food (seriously, she makes the best stuffing in the entire world!), and great company.

Lindsay and Luke still using sippy cups, after all these years.

My mom and cute Aunt Pam,

The bird,

The official roll makers,

and the beauty queens.

We took post-feast naps,

and discovered that Lindsay and Chris have an enormous amount of chin meat. I'm not just talking a little grab but like a chicken breast worth of padding on the tip of their chin. It is truly amazing.

My dad took care of the dishes as he always does, and I was his official dryer as I always am. It was a lovely evening.

Thanksgiving night turned into game night at the Spiker home. It all started in my dad's car but that is one of those- you had to be there- stories. Basically he called random people on speaker and we had to guess who we were talking to as quickly as possible. Because of my dad, it was hilarious. When we arrived home the official games began.

Friday evening we enjoyed a second Thanksgiving at Grandma Rita's house. Again, the food was tasty and good conversation was had.

The boys took care of the dishes.

We played a few games of 'GOBBLE' (BINGO).

Joshua looked extremely handsome, what else is new?

Me and my sweet Grandma Rita. I love her.

After Thanksgiving dinner #2, we headed home to decorate my parents house for Christmas. Chris and Mari made delicious hot cocoa and home made whipped cream.

We got the house decked out and everything looked beautiful. I LOVE setting up for Christmas.

Saturday morning, the boys headed out for an adrenalin rush and went to Magic Mountain. The girls enjoyed manicures. After, we headed to Santa Monica for family pictures with the fabulous Judy Hailey. We then enjoyed a beautiful sunset, devoured drinks, appetizers, and dinner at the ultra posh Penthouse at the Huntley (in honor of my genius older brother Chris passing the CA bar), and stood in awe of the performers in Cirque du Soleil.

Mares and Linds

Since I know Curtis won't be seeing this I am allowed to say that some day I hope he and my sister have a baby. They are no where near that point in their lives, or their relationship but I can still dream. I think that would be the most stunning child in the world. Wouldn't you agree?

FYI, I love where my parents live. It is pleasing to all senses and I wish we could be their neighbors. Who wouldn't want this as their back yard?

Top 10 memories from this week:

10. One of the boys poking a dart into Lindsay's butt and her not being able to get it out.
9. The contortionists at Cirque du Soleil
8. Going to the best yoga class I have ever taken.
7. Lindsay and Taylor doing something obscene with their rolls that made for a good laugh and a good picture
6. My dad shoving an entire roll of bubble tape in his mouth, while we played bingo
5. Laughing so hard I thought for sure someone was going to pee their pants, all week long
4. Jabba faces
3. Josh eating 4 pieces of ant covered beef jerky-and then realizing it
2. Meeting and holding Reese for the first time
1. Spending time with the best family in the world

The End.


Rachel said...

I love that picture of little man! And yes, I agree about Curtis and Lindsay. They are a stunning couple, as are you and Josh. I love her hair color right now! Looks as though you had an uber-fun weekend. Thanks again for watching Seth!

esther said...

What a fun holiday. Being with family or friends makes all the difference.

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

That's great! It looked like a fun time! Makes me miss being with my whole family during the holiday. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

Great post & great trip! I love all the photos, especially the hot one of me, you, & linds.

And yes, Linds & Curt will have a cute baby..in 9 years :)

becca said...

Looks like you guys had a great time, as always!

Brooke and Matt: said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Lucky you to get to escape the bitter cold. Its been too long since we have seen you guys!!!

Julie said...

Oh how I love California! We were there too and the weather was so gorgeous! You can't beat nice, quality family time. Cute pictures! :)

Ms. Green Eyes said...

What a fun week! I love that you and your sisters look SO much alike!

the organic kitchen said...

Move here and you can take Billy yoga all the time!

leanna-marie said...

this blog looks so perfect. your family is beautiful! looks like such a wonderful vacation :)