Sunday, September 6, 2009

BYU Week

Last week most of my family came up to move little Patty-whack into his BYU dorm. I can not believe that my little baby is all grown up and out of my parents house! Last night he brought a cute date over to our house to hang out for a but. I loved it. I never want him to leave. This is how our week of festivities went:

We had to get Patrick get a BYU approved haircut. He wanted to keep it long but have clean edges so he would still be within the honor code rules. It didn't work and he ended up at the BYU barber shop before he could take his picture for his ID card.

Still not short enough.

Now, it definitely is. Here we all are with our BYU ID's.

In his new little space. He was so excited to be there. He will do great this year.

Later we went to my aunt and uncles for a BBQ swim party. There were babies everywhere. I was in Heaven. This is where we ate and mingled. Not too shabby.

The men enjoyed a little racquetball.

Dylan was hilarious. He was fearless! He is 18 months old and was jumping off the edge of the pool, the diving board, anything he could. He loved being thrown in the air too. He is so fun, I love him.

Cute little Scott.

Claire was a little more cautious. She would try to jump off the edge but always ended up sitting down and scooting her bum off. It was pretty cute. She is definitely a dainty, delicate little girl.

The next evening my mom and I enjoyed a day of shopping while the boys fished at Strawberry. After, we all met up for dinner at Pago. It was delicious. Then we headed up our favorite canyon, Milcreek, and enjoyed some good ol' Spiker family fun.

Daddy Spiker would not stop making this face.

Joshua found a humongo log to burn, along with the cherry wood from our back yard.

It was a fabulous week and I didn't want my family to go home. I never want to leave them. Good news for me this time- Patrick is staying here with me. I LOVE having him up here. It makes me a teensy bit less home sick. He is one of my favorite people. He is always happy and a joy to be around. I am excited for the adventures this next year brings to us.


Brittany and Johnse said...

how fun to have your baby brother up there with you now. I loved when I lived up there at the same time as Weston! It does make you feel just a little bit better about being away from your family! :)

Trevor and Shelby said...

He's lucky to have his big sister (and brother for that matter) up there to help him not feel as homesick either. Keep an eye on Tanner for us too! They'll no doubt be getting into trouble together. :)

Adam & Samantha said...

patrick is in college??? where did the time go?? i loved having skyler up here, patrick will do great! and, sky had to go to the BYU barber shop before taking his ID picture too. pretty tough rules. :-)

lori and clark remington said...

Your Aunt and Uncles house looks beautiful. The back yard is so amazing. What city do they live in?

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

lol that BYU ID pic is a little creepy! Looks like you guys had a fun week, I love that Pat already had two dates!!!

Kellie Spiker said...

It was great seeing you guys. We live so close and only see you once every 6 months! crazy! and oh my gosh! I love that picture of Scotty! Just letting you know now. I will be stealing it off your page! ; )

Julie and Tyson said...

I completely agree that having at least one family member living up in Utah makes you less homesick. My brother is up here going to the U and as for now he is actually living with us. So it definitely feels a little more like home. :) Hey we should get our little bros together!

Amanda and Ry said...

I miss seeing all the babies lucky!! But in exchange we get to enjoy dinner and games with your family on Sundays :) We sure miss you guys though!! Enjoy having Pat up there!

the organic kitchen said...

That was a fun trip! I still have the remnants of my bug bites form our campfire. See you in a couple of weeks.

Yeager Lovin said...

Court! Seriously, you and your family are so much fun! And I'll admit it, I totally just stalked your entire blog and I must say...A: I adore you. B: I want your house (even tho the pictures were just teasers of your kitchen) and C: I am so jealous you're living in Utah, I miss the fall. Not so much the cold, just the fall.
Love ya girl!!