Friday, August 14, 2009

La Cucaracha Part 1

Last week we spent our days basking in the sun in Playa Del Carmen. It is one of my happy places. You get everything there: culture, history, great weather, gorgeous surroundings, powder sand, stunning water, good food, adventure, there isn't anything not worth loving. We went with most of my family, with the exception of a few party poopers. It was a week with hours spent relaxing, exploring, and playing. It was amazing.

If any of you know my dad, it isn't a surprise to you that we spent the first night in town, at the grocery store. We couldn't have left without causing a problem or two,

or without two shopping carts full of food. We wouldn't be Spikers otherwise.

The next morning we woke up and headed straight to the beach, and that's where we stayed the rest of the day. The beach our resort is on is absolutely amazing. The water is clear and warm, the sand doesn't get hot on your feet, and you have people serving you drinks all day long while you rest under a cabana.

My brother, Chris, finished the CA BAR exam the day before we left for this vacation. If anyone needed it, I would say Chris and Mari did. They have both been working so hard over the past three years. They are awesome.

Our little Micah dude spent the first half of the day climbing this coconut tree. He is one athletic four year old.

Countless games of volleyball were played all week long.

My pops and my baby Luke

There were also countless wrestling matches EVERY DAY of this trip. There were many x-wrestlers, mma fighters, and aspiring tough guys with us on this vacation. It seems the boys were either playing volleyball or doing this at any given moment.

We enjoyed drinks from the swim-up bar at happy hour. One good thing about not drinking alcohol is that your drinks on vacation are much cheaper than if you had them loaded with tequila.

That night we got to witness the most incredible lightening storm any of us had ever seen. It was breathtaking and hours long. We started on our balcony but moved to the beach so we could be more comfortable. When it got a little too close for comfort we headed back up to the rooms. Be sure to catch a glimpse of it by watching the video at the bottom of this post. It will not disappoint.

Handsome Patrick, all grown up, with my Grandma Rita.

We enjoyed some meals in town, while other nights we cooked in.

Me and Granny Goose

The following day, we took little catamarans out to sea. I LOVE being on the water. It is another one of my true happy places. The water was so bright and clear, even way for out in the ocean. This is what our resort looks like from the water.

The boys on their boat,

me and Mari on ours.

I have a cute dad. He is the best.

All my boys:

So, my dad did this to himself. I'm still not sure I know why but I think it's awesome and hilarious.

However, these two did not do this to themselves. This is the result of two separate wrestling matches. I wasn't kidding, they did this a lot. Behold, Patrick:

and Luke:

Every day when we came up to shower we found our towels folded into different animal shapes.

We played tennis four of the nights we were in Mexico. It was so fun. Josh and I never play together at home because we are on such different levels it isn't very fun. We had so many people in our group that there was someone for everyone to play with and we all had a blast. Here are Cody and Josh against each other playing doubles.

And again, another beach day was enjoyed by all.

Christoph and our beautiful grandma.


Gatherums said...

What a beautiful place! It looks fake it is so pretty. Looks like you guys had so much fun. That lighting show was crazy and absolutely fabulous what a cool thing to experience. I am so excited for you guys to have kids. You will be the cutest mom ever! You are such a sweetheart! Sorry you couldnt hold Tavin longer the other day! Tell Josh we say he wont be sorry having kids he will wonder why he wanted to wait so long!

Angie said...

Man, you guys seriously have the life! All this traveling is making me so jealous! :)

Your kitchen looks amazing. I love it! And happy anniversary on the 12th. You guys are a beautiful couple :)

the organic kitchen said...

Fun stuff! Watch next year I will go and it will be 8 million degrees...

dad and the store... ugh!

You and Mari are so cute. Too bad neither of you look as good as I do in a bikini!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Please tell me that's the same grocery store that makes you walk through the turnstiles to get in and out... I can only picture the humor in watching Steve push his two carts through that :) And what's with Playa del Carmen and it's storms? Hurricane Dolly paid us a visit when we were there and the storm on your video is crazy! Glad to see you had so much fun...

lori and clark remington said...

What a fun vacation...where was your beautiful mom. I can't wait to get together with your guys and do something fun! I love getting to know all of you better through blogging. You were all just babies when your mom and I hung out...
great lightening storm!!!!

kirk n stacy said...

Does the fun ever end with you guys!? What a great time it looks like you all had. Miss you Court!

Josh and Sabrina said...

Sicily LOVES the video. she thinks lightening is "FIREworks!" we've watched it 3 times.

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

It was so much fun!! I love all the photos! My favorite Cancun trip yet!