Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Courtney Nicole

It’s a rare occasion that merits me writing a blog post on this World Wide Web you kids are always talking about. In fact, I’ve only written once that I can remember. But today is one of those rare occasions- a special day that deserves special attention. Every March 5th calls for celebration of the birth of a certain individual, who, although small in stature (almost legally handicapped), has the heart of a woolly mammoth.

Courtney is my beautiful wife, and these are 23 things I love about her:

  1. She says old person things all the time, like: ‘shucks’ or ‘quit busting my chops’
  2. Her laugh is one of the things that made me fall in love with her
  3. I’ve never met anyone that adores babies as much as she does
  4. She is an amazing cook, and getting better all the time
  5. She hums & sighs involuntarily all the time
  6. She will believe anything I say
  7. Sometimes, while dancing with friends, she’ll get extra enthusiastic and starts to do a wild dance and her hair flies all over the place
  8. For some arcane reason, one of her favorite movies is “Three Men and a Baby”
  9. She doesn’t speak any other languages as of now, but her Spanish gibberish is actually very impressive
  10. She makes, literally, the best cookies I have ever tasted
  11. She will be an incredible mother – anyone who knows her will agree
  12. She will sometimes jump up in the air to do Chinese splits for no reason- trust me, it sounds more graceful than it looks
  13. She loves her family and loves to be with them
  14. She is instinctively nurturing
  15. She is amazingly clumsy most of the time, but can be very graceful when she cares to be
  16. She automatically begins to scratch my arm or my head whenever near me
  17. Anytime she is sitting down she will sway from side to side, almost as if she’s rocking a baby to sleep – she has done this since I’ve known her
  18. She truly wants to be a good person, and always wants to serve people in need
  19. She is very concerned about eating and living healthy
  20. She is smokin’ hot in a bathing suit
  21. She has a perfect level of confidence and self-esteem which really, really helps make life and marriage easier for me
  22. She totally wanted to make out with me on our first date (she’ll deny it), even though I had just been wearing denim cut-off short shorts roller-skating
  23. She is the only person in this world I want as my wife, and she said yes to me

The only negative thing I can think about Courtney:

  1. She is only 1/3 of this relationship, by mass, but still feels entitled to more than half of our bed

Happy Birthday Court! I love you more than anything and I hope you have the birthday you deserve this year.

Your loving husband,


Note to readers:

Courtney has expressed to me in the past that she doesn’t really care much for birthday attention, so why don’t you all give her a call or drop her a line to say ‘Hi’ and ‘Happy Birthday.’


The Queen said...

hahaha, love the negative. very sweet post. :) happy birthday courtney.

Brooke and Matt said...

We love you Courtney!! Such a cute post Josh, we love your sensitive side :)

Brittany and Johnse said...

Happy Birthday Courtney!! That is such a sweet post Josh wrote for you :)

lori and clark remington said...

happy birthday courtney!

Chris and Mari Spiker said...

josh, you rock. what a great husband you are. Courtney, you know I adore you, but ill say it again..I LOVE YOU! Happy Birthday lady, I hope you are feeling better!

Jessica and Jason said...

Very cute. Happy birthday, Court!

Melody and Nathan Pellegrin said...

So sweet. Happy Birthday Courtney!

The Risdons said...

Happy Birthday! What a nice husband you have:-)

becca said...

Happy birthday Court! Way to go Josh-you've fulfilled your yearly post quota. Courtney swaying from side-to-side was one of the first things I noticed about her!

Tebbs Times said...

I missed your birthday? Happy birthday cute Court!! Hope it was a great one:)

Laura said...

That's like the cutest thing ever, and I totally agree with all of them! Court is the cutest thing in the world, and I especially love her cute little giggle/laugh!

lauren said...

Happy Birthday Courtney!

CASEY & NICOLE said...

what an impressive list! you guys are both so sweet! hope you have a great birthday!! love ya!

Trevor and Shelby said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you are at least feeling better for you birthday... gotta love the attention!

Jill said...

Courtney, You have a very sweet husband! I had to laugh at our similarities: we are both pint size, our middle names are Nicole, my Birthday is the 7th of March, and why can't we have the WHOlE Bed! I hope you are feeling better and Have a Happy Birthday!!

McMemories said...

Happy Birthday cute girl!! That was such a sweet post! You guys are so cute!!!

Tyson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you had a wonderful day!

p.s. This is julie :)

the organic kitchen said...

Happy birthday baby girl! Josh, very nice post! i am glad my daughter has such a nice husband! Love you Courtney Lu!

Tim & Chelsea Grubbs said...

Court!!!! I missed your birthday!!! What a blessed day march 5th is!!! Happy birthday Little Courtney!!! I giggled at all of the wonderful things your cute husband wrote about you. You are such a doll, I hope you had an amazing day!!!

Adam & Samantha said...

happy belated birthday court! you are such a sweet husband josh. even though we say we don't like birthday attention, it's always nice to hear our husbands express how much they love us. hope you're feeling better court!

Angie said...

That is so sweet Josh! I hope you had a fantastic birthday, Courtney. And I hope you are feeling better now :)

kirk n stacy said...

We love you Courtney! What a sweet husband Johs is and he was "right on." I wanna see you next time I am up! Miss you, love you and I am so happy for you!

Tiffany Baker said...

Happy Bday Court!!! I'm sorry I'm so bad. But I adored your husband's post, but your quite simply an adorable person and couldn't agree more. Thanks for being my friend all these years!!! :) xoxoxo

ecuakim said...

Oh man I missed it! Happy Belated Birthday, Courtney! And I hope you are feeling better!

Rachel said...

Court! Thanks for this morning. Glad you are feeling better and what is this announcement? Did I miss something?!!! Josh is such a cute husband. I'm so glad you found each other so we could have you in our lives!

The Galvez Family said...

Well, Courtney must be the luckiest woman in the world to have a husband who thinks so highly of her! You are both so sweet!
Love you so much,
Aunt Pam