Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Weekend

This past weekend our nephew Eli was baptized and my mother-in-law had a birthday. It was a great family filled weekend. Here are some pictures of what went on.
Little Miss Sassy Pants was at the baptism.

Cute hugging cousins, Abbie and Lauren.

The whole family right after Eli's baptism.

Sunday was Bonnie's birthday. We had family dinner and opened up gifts.
Kennedy put on a fashion show with her alligator toe shoes.

Check out Lauren and Abbie's faces.

This was my favorite part of the weekend. Our first biological nephew is due on Christmas Eve and I can hardly wait to meet him. On Sunday I got to feel him kick! I can't wait to love and cuddle this baby boy. He will be a new joy in my life and I just want him here.

The little girls love having a strong Money Josh. He was bouncing them and throwing them in the air, and they loved every second of it. He'll be a cute dad some day.


the organic kitchen said...

Wow Abby has gotten so tall! And Bonnie looks great! So many changes. Josh will be a cute dad.... when might that be exactly?~ Mom

Deven and Alyssa Perry said...

Congrats on the new baby nephew... That is way exciting... your other two nieces are way cute! I loved the dress you were wearing.

Megan said...

there is nothing like feeling a baby kick inside of a tummy...especially when its your own! and i think that should be soon for you : )

on a random note, i have a friend here in santa monica that went to middle school with your husband! her name was courtney carlston at the time (currently courtney rich). she went to your blog through mine thinking it was her's and took notice. just thought i would make the connection!

Angie said...

Hey Court! It was so fun to meet you last night! You are so darling! I hope we get to hang out with you guys more :) Send me an email to so I can get your email address to invite you to see our blog :)