Sunday, August 10, 2008

Boom Boom Boom Boom

Well, we are back from Cancun. We had an amazing time! We enjoyed relaxing with our good friends Matt and Brooke. Here are some highlights from the rest of our trip:
We went to Chichen Itza on Tuesday. It is crazy that these temples have been around for thousands of years.

After Chichen Itza we went to a fresh water cenote for cliff jumping and swimming. This is what the cenote looks like from above. It was so beautiful.

This is me celebrating after I jumped off of the highest cliff. I am deathly afraid of heights so this was a big accomplishment for me.

Here I go...
Below we have a video that Josh took while he jumped off of the cliff. It's sideways but pretty cool.

We ate this beautiful exotic fruit. We don't know what it was called but it was great! It was so pretty, on the outside it was hot pink and looked like a tropical flower. The inside looked like ants in ice cubes. It was very refreshing and if you can ever find one we recommend it.

This is my handsome hubby on the beach our resort is on.

We had fun with our waterproof camera all week long.

Happy hour!

On Wednesday we enjoyed dinner at Chicago's on 5th Avenue. It was delicious. After Dinner we went to get gelato that was AMAZING!

Thursday was our adventure day. We started the day off canopy zip lining. I thought I was going to be a big pansy about the whole thing but surprisingly I wasn't. We got to ride a couple of the zip lines upside down. It was the strangest feeling and I'm so glad we did it.

After zip lining we rode bikes through the jungle to a cenote. Our guide said that there are snakes, JAGUARS, wild boars and other creepy animals that they see all the time on the trail we were on.

Here I am zip lining into the cenote.

After the cenote and biking back we went kayaking. This didn't last too long because we were exhausted from our exciting morning. Here are Matt, Brooke and Josh on their kayaks.

After kayaking we played in the pool. We did crazy jumps and the boys had fun torturing me and Brooke. They enjoyed dunking us, stealing our foam floaty noodles and splashing us. Boys will be boys!

Here we are having some fun with our new under water camera.


Brooke and Matt said...

Such a fun trip!! Thanks for inviting us! I laughed when I read the title for this post:) That was the trips official song, like it or not.

Ben and Missy said...

I love those underwater pictures! You truly looked like a mermaid! What a fun trip!

Paul and Suzy said...

Hey Courtney! I found your blog. Fun pictures! Its great that you get to travel so much!

Julie and Tyson said...

What a fun vacation! it's always fun to be with friends! Hot mama! :)

Chris & Breanne said...

How fun! Was it just the four of you? You guys all look hot!!! I bet you guys had a blast! :)

Chelsy Rae said...

cancun looked fun!!! haha i think the exotic fruit you were talking about is called dragon fruit! and it is awesome stuff!

Spiker said...

Kay, next time you are taking us to all those cool places. That looks like a lot more fun than we had last year! ~ Mom