Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jammy Tea Party Bridal Shower

Tori, Brooke, Carly, me, Jordie

Tori and I got Car a cute "W" tile, the cutest dish towels you have ever seen, and a sexy pair of jam pants that she can wear while she is sick but still feel cute in.

We even had heart shaped sandwiched thanks to Brooke and her cute mom. Brooke took her last final just before our party and has graduated from the University of Utah!

Last night we threw Carly a bridal shower. She didn't get to do any of this fun stuff before she and Dusty got married. We held the party in her hospital room. We had a pajama tea party. We had cute little finger sandwhiches, muffins, fruit, veggies, salad, and of course herbal tea. It was so much fun having girl time and being with friends. We just chatted and laughed for a few hours. I'm so glad we were able to have a small party for Carly. She deserves it. Yesterday she cut her beautiful hair. It should be falling out soon so she dicided to cut it off. She looks really cute. Not many people could look as cute as she does with short hair.


Tiffany Baker said...

looks like superb little bridal shower!'re back. this is quacktastic. i have your freaken bday gift just sitting at my house. rendevous when i get back? we betta!!!

The Risdons said...

what sweet friends. I bet you made her day!

Laura Smith said...

She really does look cute with short hair, not a lot of people pull that off well, they have to have a really cute face, so good thing she does, she's adorable. What type of Cancer does she have? You guys are such nice friends to throw her a little party like that, I'm sure she appreciates it sooooo much, I know I would!